Thursday, May 19, 2005


My family was never big on pictures. We are not that typical family that has pictures covering the hallway walls, or lining the fire place mantle or even hanging in the bed rooms. My family has only taken the traditional family photo every 5 years. I guess the thinking was, “hey we know what each other looks like”. But since I got my digital camera for Christmas I have been obnoxious. I love to take pictures of everything, and everyone. They say a good picture can speak 1000 words, and I believe it. I love to look at peoples pictures of trips, family events, old ones, new ones, sad pictures and funny pictures I love the many things pictures can say to a person.
But as I write this the thought passes my mind. If someone could take a picture of your spiritual life, what 1000 words would come to mind? Or better yet, if they could take a picture of your spiritual life, just capture a second of it, what one word would it be saying?
Truth is, no one can take a picture of your spiritual life. But Jesus Christ can see it. He can, he can look deep into your heart and read everything you think, feel, and desire. Do you know what He sees? What do you think His reply is? How do you think He will respond? I bet I can guess…


1 John 1:9-10 Read it! And LIVE it!

Reflections from James

Last night I was beat. It's been awhile since my last full day off, to long to admit even to myself. So last night I came back to the apartment to vedge. I grabbed a “Sam’s Choice” flavored water (man I love those things) and a bag of popcorn and sat on the porch.

When I get old I want to be one of those old guys that gets up really early and goes to the local diner to drink coffee and talk about the headlines with other old guys who do nothing all day. That, my friend, is a day I am looking forward to.
Anyways, I came back to the ol' homestead for some R&R and fliped open my Bible to James. I honestly picked the book of James because my brother James has been on my heart all week. He is currently working through some life changes, or life issues and I have been lifting him up in prayer. He has been a huge blessing to me but He seems to live one of those lives that is always in turmoil. So I am really praying that God gives him Peace. Not peace like a great inner war is now over. And one side is the winner while the other regroups. But peace in the Hebrew sense of the word…a NEW road…A fresh path for his Life.
So again, I opened my Bible to James. Here is what I dug up...

First off James is a great book for the mature IN Christ. If you are looking for that Purpose Driven Life….well look no further. James laid it out long before Rick Warren figured it out.
v. 19 “…Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”
Easier said then done of course, but James warns us that anger does not bring about what God desires. If you really want purpose for your life, seek out what God’s purpose is for your life. RIGHTEOUSNESS. Large word that I too am still trying to come to grips with. But as I read further in James he points out just 3 verses later that it starts with humility.

My brother James is an awesome guy who I know wants what God wants. But many times he is like me…quick to speak, slow to listen, and quick to snap off in anger. But is that who God has created James of me to be?

The truth is James puts it simply when he says that we need to shed off moral filth, and HUMBLY accept the word planted in you. Which can save you.

Humility is a hard lesson to learn. Have I learned it completly…no, but I have experienced it! Like the time I asked my wife to marry a fool like me. She said yes!! Yes!! Can you believe it? I mean…I can not believe she would commit to live everyday for the rest of her life with, and for- me. I mean me wanting her was a no brainier, she is incredible in every way. But me, an untalented in cool things, bad dresser, and not really much to look at guy.

Humility is learned as you do your faith. As you walk this road of life, and you hand over every step to Christ. I feel that he hands back, humility. The more you clothe yourself in his Word. The more humility you gain. Do you see it? Read the rest of James, maybe you will see what I see. That you can not gain humility, it is a gift. Like grace, mercy and holiness. Humility is the food for your faith. With out works your faith is dead. Just like with out food you will die, but think about it…could it be that humility is how we digest our faith?

Can you have faith with out humility? Can you have anything good and life giving with out humility?

Praying for James on this supposedly day off of Thursday. God is my strength and my refuge.

PIC: Danielle and I with our friend Dana

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What i love...

John Freed is a husband to Danielle. Who he is very much in love with. In fact before Danielle other wise known as BD. He was a fool. He searched and searched for MRS. Right. Many times his heart was broken. Until one day, she took him on a date. Yup, you could say he fell in love. Love at first sight for sure!!
Also, John is in love with Jesus Christ. yeah before Christ other wise known as BC. John was a fool. He searched and searched for somethign real in fake places. Until one day, GOd got a hold of John's heart....kinda called out to him in a way. John responded and it was love at first sight. Full of grace, hope, Joy, peace, mercy. All wrapped up in Love. Since then John has been a good husband, good friend and blessed. I guess you could say John would have been all those things before Christ entered his life...but John knows. Yup John knows what could have happened if he would have never fallen in love with Christ.

Do you know what could happen in your life with out Christ? I know what could happen in your life with Christ.