Sunday, September 16, 2007

Home Decor

Well we got a phone call today, while we were away at Cedar Point, from the Noblesville Police Department. There really is nothing scarier when you are away from home, and your hometown Police department calls you. The police informed us that someone had vandalized our home. I was scared, but I asked the officer what had occurred. The officer went on to explain that someone had toilet-papered our entire house, saran wrapped our entire house! and forked our whole front yard!!! I was so honored, and relieved! Thinking someone may have harmed our house, I was scared, but to hear someone did a fantastic job at a joke AND that the police were called, NOW THAT IS AWESOME!! I was so excited when we returned home and saw these pictures. As we pulled into our sub-division tonight, after a long trip back from Sandusky, OH, the local children stopped playing and chased our car! They told us all about how they woke up and found our house, they were so excited! As we got out of the car, the neighbors came out of their homes to greet us and tell us what they had seen that morning. We were the biggest event on our street! It was a great way for us to get to know our neighbors better.

Well, we were thankful for all the people that came by to help clean it up. We didn't have to lift a finger, just enjoy the pictures and excitement! However, one major detail about this whole event...we do not know who did thiS!!!! The only clue we have are these:
1. The person or person's who did this knew we were gone to Cedar Point this weekend.
2. They are very creative because they used the FORK idea...and that is one only the best know how to do. This is no ameture! We are working with real professionals.
3. They left a note: "Who said old foggies can't have fun":::::the funny thing about this is the officer told us he was concerned because he read the note wrong, and thought the foggies was Faggies!!! Which would have made the entire event really strange and disturbing!!!
4. They used YELLOW paper to write their note...meaning they didn't have white!

Well this is all we have to go on! We loved every picture, story, character, and surprise! Thanks to whom ever. BUT we are going to get you or you all back!!!!!!!! Enjoy the pics! we sure did!

Friday, September 07, 2007

GO COLTS!! and I'm Sorry!!!

GO COLTS!!! was my intention...but the last two seconds of this video was a mistake...I did not mean to do this!!
If you don;t have FACEBOOK....get one....all of our pictures and many many more video's are on there!!! We spend a lot of time on FACE BOOK...but thanks for keeping up with our blog! We love you too!!!