Monday, June 25, 2007

Freeds overseas

John and I are here in Czech after a good 24 hours of traveling and losing a night of sleep. We'll be here until July 3rd with our team of 19 people. We are safe and sound in the Majak center where there are alot of great things happening as we get to know the missionaries, get to meet the children who we are ministring to through VBS and meeting the teenagers from the area. WE are having alot of fun and are looking forward to all God has in store for us still. Some highlights so far include Ryan H losing his luggage, which has still not arrived, and it may be 2 more days till it comes, if it comes...and we had 15 kids at our VBS, we have been loving the food, it's hearty and fresh, the team is working VERY well together and having a ton of fun doing all we do. They all work hard, but have fun while doing so! Most of our days begin at 8am with breakfast, then we go into come type of ministry, wether with kids or the missionaries here, then we have a yummy lunch and have our VBS to follow, then we have another great meal-dinner, then hang out in the back yard playing volleyball, basketball, soccer and whatever other games come about as we get to know more Czech people, all to build relationships and be examples of Christ, then we get together as a team and share about the day, pray togehter, journal our experiences and then hit the sack, and sleep very well. The jet lag isn't too bad, which is a praise. Keep praying for team unity, for God to use us in people's lives, for safety and effectivness.
Thanks for czeching in!