Wednesday, February 15, 2006

scared, but ready for my new adventure!

well, today I am sitting in Dr. Bob Whitesel's grad class at IWU. I am scared, as I looking at the next 2 years of masters classes. Pray for me! But at the same time i am excited, and motivated. This is the best time in my life to do this!

If you have not considered Indiana Wesleyan are missing out on a great education!

Friday, February 10, 2006

10 Reasons Why I Love Danielle

Well as you all know it is Valentines Day this Tuesday! Are you ready? Danielle and I will be at IWU starting my grad work, so it will not be real romantic. But we are planning on driving down to Indianapolis for Mongolian BBQ, one of our all time favorite places to eat!

So I would like to share with you, 20 Reasons Why I Love Danielle Freed [in no particular order]
1. Her playful attitude. She is always looking for new ways to have fun
2. She is an awesome cook. She can whip up anything!
3. She loves the little things in the snow tonight
4. She is picky, which may be annoying to some, but I find joy in knowing she picked me
5. She is cheap, I have never met anyone who knows how to save a dollar better
6. She loves to watch “Starting Over”
7. She falls asleep in every movie…even at the movie theater
8. She loves to stare at people with me in the mall
9. She knows how to make a Carmel Macchiato with an extra shot, sugar free vanilla, skim milk, 3 splenda, whip cream, extra carmel-dry. And she sounds really cool when she orders it at Starbucks.
10. She loves Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla
11. She shares an office with me
12. She plays GameBoy before she goes to bed
13. Her hard drive on her phone is almost filled with pictures
14. She wears retainers when she sleeps…it is so cute to hear her slur her words
15. She still sleeps with a teddy bear and blankie
16. She is my partner in every aspect of ministry
17. She buys me Fat Free Ice Cream
18. She encourages me in my grad work
19. She has a beautiful laugh…it makes everyone smile
20. She lets me hold the remote, but we have to watch her shows.

I just love that girl!

The Diet...or Die trying

Well, I am on a diet. Yeah, I have gained 10lbs give or take 10lbs since I have gotten married, and I really need to loose it. So I have cut out all sugar and going Low Fat. It is tough, but going well. I would like to loose 20lbs by April. Danielle is really healthy, but I am just not good at eating right. Any good advice? Drop me an email.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Snow Boarding with Kate and Sam

Danielle and I have a hobby. It may sound a little weird, but we love it. Because our schedules are so flexible, and we don’t have any children, people always ask us to house sit for them. At first we agreed to the responsibility out of love and friendship. Now, we volunteer because it is always an adventure. One house we love to house sit has a hot tub, and another has a wonderful dog to play with. Every house is different every house sitting is fun!

Danielle and I love people as you know. Sometimes at the mall we just buy a drink and watch them. So interesting, every one different, everyone has a different story. Imagine if you could spend a week living in their house…doesn’t that sound like fun?

This week we are hanging out with our two good friends Samantha and Katie McGinnis, while we are house sitting for their parents. In the morning we see Sam and Kate off to school and then we head to work. In the evening they come home, we have fake family dinner and then they do homework and we all sit by the fire and share stories about the day. It is an awesome time with us to really get to know these girls and see life from their angle. They are really great gals. It is just like playing house, but with a real house, and real kids, and real dogs, and real responsibility. This is fun!

Tonight, Sam and Kate invited Danielle and I to go snow boarding at ALPINE VALLEY SKI RESORT 10 miles from our home. This was our first time snow boarding, but we felt confident going because Sam is an instructor.

Well the night was full of spills and crashing falls. But we figured out the 3 most important elements of snow boarding.

1. Don’t look back, keep your eyes in front of you! You can only go forward, so be aware of where you are going, don’t be concerned about where you have been.
2. Keep your knees bent. You do not use your upper body in snow boarding. All the control is in your legs and stance.
3. Keep yourself centered on the board. If you are ahead or behind on the board, you will fall.

If you’re a youth pastor, you can probably see the topics now. I have already decided to start a series next month called, SNOW BOARDING THROUGH LIFE or the Snowboarders Guide to Life, should be interesting.

Well here are some pictures of our adventure tonight. Danielle has a fat knee from falling, and I almost crushed Sam when she was showing me how to slide slip.

Well tomorrow we are off to LaCross, Wisconsin, where Danielle and I are leading a Youth Event for Sand Lake Wesleyan, should be fun!

If anyone needs us to house sit, just let us know. We are really good at it.