Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another Snow Day....in Indiana....

Look how deep it is!!

Wow, it felt like we were back in Wisconsin for a little while this morning! We aren't used to quite this much snow down here. The news is calling it Blizzard conditions! Well, when John and I hear that, we get excited....and so does our little puppy! She LOVES the snow! She can't wait to play in it when she sees it out the back door. She'll just stare out the window when it's really coming down, so, despite the wonderful warmth of our apartment, we decided to take a mid day break from working on our computers and take the lil pup out for an excursion!
MAN---Did we have fun! We were the only people out besides the maintenance guys snow blowing in the falling ice and snow...it was like small pebbles of ice smacking you in the face constantly! It drove us nuts, but didn't phase Zoe of course! She's a trip! We got some AWESOME pics and had to share them with you! Enjoy and stay warm...wherever you are!




We fetch this little green frog in the snow because the ball sinks and she can't find it because after a few good inhales of snow her little sniffer is frozen!! hehe

Ahhh....so happy together....how sweet!!

Where are you going puppy??

Is that not the funniest pic of her! This shows how much she LOVES to run in the snow!!

Come back Zoe!!!

Ah, all alone now:(

*click on the photos to grasp the real facial expressions, especially the one where Zoe is running away!!!