Saturday, April 22, 2006

Alan Jackson: Precious Memories

My Good friend Dan W. let me borrow his new Alan Jackson CD! Wow it is awesome!! If you are like me and you grew up with those old camp meeting songs, you will love this one!! I feel like I am back at Victory Camp in Columbus, Ohio! Alan Jackson does an incredible job at capturing that old time sound in the hymns that many of us grew up listening too. Check it out for your self HERE.

Thanks Dan!!!

Also, pray for Dan and I. Today Dan found an opportunity through the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to share the Great News of Jesus Christ. He has been a Boy Scout Troop leader for years, and asked if I could be the speaker at this year's spring retreat. We are praying that God uses our efforts to speak to hearts.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter is here!! Celebrate the Great News!!

Here is a picture of our good friend Matt W. enjoying Easter breakfast at the church!! Matt is a good friend who is also apart of CrossRoad Ministries.

We had a great day of Easter. Our day started by being at the church at 6:45 to help set up for breakfast! Also, we had a little petting zoo for children to see baby chickens, bunnies, and rumor has it a goat...but i did not see that. Here is a picture of Danielle and I with some Chicken McNuggets.

The day ended with some guitar playing with Matt and Danielle. Matt is just picking the guitar up and really doing a good job. Danielle on the other hand prefers just to strum, while I do the chords for her=)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

To all the Danielle Fans of the World

To all the Danielle Fans of the World here is another Great Picture of Danielle!! We went for a walk at Mukwonago County Park last week, and I snapped this shot of her. She is standing with a beautiful back drop of the rolling hills of Wisconsin. Come visit us before we move back to flat Indiana!!
Today, my Uncle Dale and Aunt Marilyn is coming over on their way back through from a speaking engagement in IOWA! We hope to show them a great time at [ ] PRIME QUARTER!!!!!
My new Favorite restaurant!!

Easter Prep

Hey Friends, as you know Easter is knocking at the front door, but Palm Sunday was a great day for Danielle and I. Our local church family celebrated the life of Christ through an all church drama. The choir sang, and members of the congregation acted out the diffrent characters in the story of Grace. We even had Pat R. be Jesus. He did a great job!! Here are a few pictures we snaped with our new camera!! Enjoy! What is your church doing for the season? Better yet, what are YOU doing to celebrate Grace?

I love this picture of Jesus at the copier!!! What if Jesus worked in your office!!!

Danielle and I dressed the part. I was John the Baptist and Danielle played a HOT blond Jewish girl...she played her part perfect...except for the Jewish part=)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

New FE-115

Danielle and I just purchased a brand spankin new Olympus FE-115 Digital Camera. We are excited! Enjoy our first picture, of course we took of a picture of something cute=)

Hopefully you will see a lot more pictures of where we are currently living, as well as our new destination in Indiana. If you have any great pictures, we would love to see them!! Please send them our way!!

Oh yeah, all of you who love to blog, you have to check you People Fisher. I am currently a founding member, and would love to see you on there!! --come join me!!

Good night! That paper for my final class is almost done!! I am procrastinating right now!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Last week of my 1st class

I have just started my last week of my first class of Grad work with Indiana Wesleyan Univerisity. I can't believe I am working to ge my Masters. If only Mr. Chapman from the 6th grade could see me now. I wanted to share something with you from a book I just finished called, "Managing the Non-Profit Organization" it's as good as it sounds. But Peter Drucker does an awesome job in this book, and my professor, Robert Whitesel jotted down a few of his favorite quaotes and I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy, and I hope you can use them to reflect on the management of your life, or ministry. If you ever get a chance to sit down and read a good book, don't pick this one up, it is pretty heady and not very entertaining. But a great resource!

Forum: Epilogue
Date: 03-31-2006 22:07
Author: Whitesel, Robert
Subject My Favorite Drucker Quotes

From Peter Drucker's “Managing the Non-Profit Organization”

“A leader needs to see himself in a position of indebtedness. Leaders are given the gift of leadership by those who choose or agree to follow.” (Drucker, p. 37)

“Even if you have market leadership, non-customers always outnumber customers.” (Drucker, p. 100). Elmer Towns said once: “As long as there is one person in your community who doesn't know Jesus as Savior, your church isn't big enough

“Write down what you expect to happen. Nine months or a year later, compare your expectations to what actually happened.” (Drucker, p. 197)

David Hubbard said, “I think a CEO has two primary areas of service. I have to care for the vice-presidents, whom I supervise…And I have to care for the trustees.” (Drucker, p. 173)

“Paying serious attention to self-development - your own and that of everyone in the organization - is not a luxury for non-profit executives.” (Drucker, p. 189)

Inviting each volunteer to answer two questions twice a year. “What have I learned? What difference to my own life has my [ministry] at the church been making?” (Drucker, p. 190)

Drucker's questions were great. “Where have I made an impact? Where do my clients need me-not just want me? Where have I been wasting their time and mine? Where should I concentrate next year so as not only to give my best but also to get the most out of it?” (p. 191)

Drucker maintains, “Probably the best of the nuts and bolts of self-development is the practice of keeping score on yourself.” (p. 224)

“Write down what you expect to happen. Nine months or a year later, compare your expectations to what actually happened.” (Drucker, p. 197)

“It is always painful for me to see how great the gap is between what I should have done and what I did do.” (p. 224