Monday, October 23, 2006

FUEL CONFRENCE and Scary Raccoon!!!

Hey Everyone!! This past weekend was a fun filled event. I got to lead my first seminar...and it was good to do it with friends! We explored a lot of different ideas for small groups and sunday school. I shared Danielle and I's experience with Breakfast club and Life Groups, and how much they were an impact on us, our ministry, and our philosophy of ministry. To all of you who have joined in the adventure of LIfe Groups, thanks for teaching us so so much!! Here are a couple pics from the FUEL Conf. and bowling at PinHeads on friday night with new and old friends from Wisconsin Dist.

Thanks Stevan for the pictures! Check out more from FUEL Conf. @ one of our favorite sites...we go there almost daily!!

Also, we had a little adventure on Friday night, we were rushing back to see Bo Boshers talk, and as Andy, Danielle and I were leaving the apartment a wild ferocious raccoon was on our front porch, and another crazy killer raccoon on our back porch! We were trapped!! So i did the only natural thing a true trained hunter would do...I grabbed a broom, cocked the collar and was ready to fight. As you can see from the pictures, it was me against death! Luckily, the raccoon was sick, very sick and did not put up a fight. However it didn't run away either, so we scared the killer raccoon from the back porch and ran around back. It was a great adventure and gave us a great laugh!

Finally, more pictures of the Zoe. Ok, i know you are all probably sick of pictures of this dog, but we love bare through it with us! We think she is so cool. But this past Saturday, we took Zoe for a long walk in the woods. It was crazy, as soon as we got into the woods she changed into a totally different dog. She was jumping around, sniffing everything and having the time of her life. We were barley able to capture these pictures. She loves the woods and I can't wait to take her back!

Well, just a little update, we will be in Chicago at the end of the week. We are looking for some good time away! We really need a good rest and time to relax, and what better place the Chicago Land and my favorite restaurant.

Well we love you all, and look forward to the month of November. Plus you know what November is in the Freed family? It is the time where Jane and Bud celebrate the birth of their favorite child...their first born!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beautiful? Yes you are! Just the way you are!

Our friends Jay and Ann sent us to this link, you have to see this video! This gives Danielle and I encouragement in what we do. We show girls they are beautiful, not just on the outside, but in the soul, where it counts!

True beauty!! Found only in a relationship with the creator of beauty!

To all the ladies and young ladies in our ministries, we love you, and think you all are beautiful!!!

and to everyone on the face of the planet. I have the prettiest wife in the whole world! I am so lucky!!!

Also, we have attached some great pictures of an awesome family! Dan, Marsha, Adam, and Amanda were here last night and today! We love them, and praise the Lord for their friendship and encouragement. They always know how to make you smiel! From looking at rich people's houses, watching "Click" after a long day, pillow fight at 1am, breakfast at Bob Evans or just a big hug saying goodbye! We love ya!

Thank you for stopping by on the way home!
and oh yeah...
You're welcome=) hahaha I crack myself up!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Look who got an owie:(

Last night was our yearly BARN BASH PARTY you can catch all the great pictures at And of course we took our little lady Zoe with us. Everyone loved her and the White's dog Carlie LOVED HER! They played together ALL NIGHT LONG! I don't think I have ever seen Zoe play so long! We all had an awesome time!

However, when we woke up this morning we found the Zoe didn't sleep very well because she had a sore on her foot. As you can see, we bandaged her up and let her rest by the fire this morning.

By the way, I have to brag about Danielle! Last night she MC'd the Barn Bash and did an awesome job! This was her first Barn Bash here, but her 9th year of Barn Bash Fun!! She did an awesome job, and her costume was inspired by "My Name is Earl"! You will have to see it and laugh! Notice the Spice Girls Shirt!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's A Bird! IT'S A PLANE!!! ...IT'S.....

Well we are getting ready for our Halloween season here in Fishers. This Friday night is our annual BARN BASH 2006! We are excited about the awesome games, prizes [tv], hilarious costumes [hillbilly] and an opportunity to share the gospel with some students.
Tonight, Danielle and I are trying to think of some costumes for halloween. Even though we don't celebrate the scary stuff of halloween, we do celebrate the free candy and funny costumes.
This year we got an awesome little Super Dog and we are HER pet dogs. She is going to walk us door to door for free candy!! We plan on going to all of our student's houses. This should be fun!!

When we put Zoe's costume on, she loved it!! She could tell we were laughing really hard [and you know what that means for Danielle!] and it was at her! But then things changed when we showed her our costumes. She was not laughing, not having fun...she was scared...scared to death! Rather then laughing and being excited she was barking, and all the hair on her back stood straight up! She did not like our costumes!

Well this is our first halloween with Zoe, so we hope she has fun!! We also hopes she learns that Christian dogs don't celebrate halloween, we just celebrate the fact that everyone is handing out free candy!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

FINALLY....An update on the Freed's crazyness!!

WOW, what a past few weeks!
I started a few weeks ago with a week of training about an hour away from here, 8 hours a day...and the monday morning that it all started, I rear-ended a ford F150 with the Sable....hurt the sable, but not me, the other driver or the truck! That's the good side of it, however, we are still driving a rental car, so that kinda stinks.
Then several days later, a HUGE tree hit our apartment building, and the coolest part is that I saw it happen. No one was hurt, but it messed up the roof and gutters, and punctured the side of the building way down at the bottom, which was weird.
Here is the wreckage, this is after they began chopping it all up, only 1/3 of it actually fell, they cut the rest down!

So, it's been crazy around here, we also started our afterschool program, "The Rock" and that is going well! we have about 40 5th and 6th graders!! Talk about a room full!!:) It's a good program and good kids and a fantastic staff of 6 adults and 7 or 8 highschoolers. Check out the website

Here is our cute pup amongst the rubble! Tell me she isn't adorable!!

Do you think this log was rotten?!? HA! They said it was lightning, and I saw it fall, but didn't see lightening, either way, it really fell. I thought it was just rotten and the thunder shook it...but the more I think about that, the more it doesn't make sense?!?

I'm sure this is what I looked like after the log fell! However, this pic is from a nature walk we took with friends...and we saw a REALLY FREAKY spider!!:)

If you regularly check our blog, leave us some love in the comment area!! That'll make us smile. We love to update this, but we love it even more when we get comments and know that we aren't throwing our time away posting!! Also look at our new youth ministry website that John created on his fancy Mac