Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer Update!

We are still alive, just as busy as ever! We are settling into our new home, taking up the new hobby of updating and decorating our home. It's alot of fun. We feel very blessed to have this house and already we've had at least 12 people spend the night and easily 50 other visitors for meals or games or just to hang out and see the place, and of course, we are living that!! :) The pic below is of Us and our friends Leanna and Becca as we played trading spaces and painted some old furniture ot update it a bit!!:) We had alot of fun, and did not plan to dress like opposing teams on trading spaces!!:)

After we began the process of moving in, we practically moved out!! We spent a week at church camp, 2 weeks in the Czech Republic and tomorrow, we are off for a week of inner city work in Cincinnati!! Crazy....yes, but we love it!!:) Here are some pics of our adventure to Czech. We absolutly enjoyed our time there so much and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve there and to serve with the people we got to meet and work alongside throughout the trip. We did a VBS for Czech Children in the area of Brno, Czech, and had an utter blast bringing back an "old" VBS from the US called SCUBA! We also helped around the ministry center and got aquaited with the missionaries there and some Czech teens and adults. We really enjoyed their culture! It was a WONDERFUL Trip!!!

Stay tuned for some pics of our home in the almost finished state.
Also, PLEASE Come for a visit, we'll grill for you and play games!! We'd love to have any of our faithful readers stop by to catch up on life!
Thanks for your faithfulness....we've been really busy, but want to hear from all of you, I'd love updates from you all too!!