Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday Night...and I am tired

Well Danielle is in Choir pracitce right now, but she sends her greetings. We really don't know what we are supposed to do with a Blog site, but we are doing it....somehow.

Today, we took the day and went to the Wisconsin Dells, not for play or fun, but for a Kids Camp meeting. We are getting all our ducks in a row for this summer. I am working on CRM stuff and she is organizing and stratagizing for Children's Ministry. It is an exciting time, but a very busy time. We really need some time off...but as we look through our calenders...we don't see it coming until at least middle of July.
But we truly feel very blessed to be in Mukwonago and at Our Savior's Wesleyan Church. The people here have given us the opportunity to spread our wings and truly allow God to teach us to fly. It feels good to be here and serving Him!

Then this afternoon we took a long walk down State Street in Madison Wisconsin. Beautiful university town. somewhere around 65000 students attend that school!!! WOW! As we walked down state street my eyes kept staring at people. Danielle and I have a starring problem. We really love people, and we love to just watch them! It even gets worse when we are in a town like Madison, but we enjoyed the day seeing the people=)

In my life I am hungry. Not like food hungry, like stomache hungry. I am hungry for more. Hungry for a deeper love. It almost feels like my soul is groaning. I long for a deeper love for my Lord, and deeper love for my wife, and a deeper love for my ministry. I know this feeling well. I feel it when I am on the brink of something big in my spiritual life. Something fresh...something new. I have a craving heart.
I don't say this to sound like I am holy-er than thou...but i say it because I want more...i mean i really want to know and do, and be more like Christ. have you ever felt like your soul was hungry? Like you wanted something more than where you are currently living? What did you do? Tonight, i am merely trying to get a Blog off the ground that honestly i am 100% sure no one knows about or even reads. Like it's my own litttle private web space...what will i do with it?

Tonight, i will sleep good, because tommorow i spend the evening with a LIFE Group south of town. I am walking them through a healing service for a young family in our church. We are hungry to see GOd move.

Good night...and well...pray that i get somethig to eat....i am almost starving! Is that where he wants to take me? Like is this a 40 days in my desert. We will see.


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