Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Shirt

First, let me start by saying thank you to all of you who have called, and emailed your encouragement to Danielle and I. It really has been a huge blessing to know that our friends, and family were there praying for us. Prayer is such a gift from God.

We have been doing a lot of talking with many of Clare’s middle school teachers. They were instructed not to talk about the events of Clare’s suicide, so that left a lot of imagination, and unanswered questions. But the Lord has graciously opened many doors for Danielle and I to minister to people who need to hear about Jesus.

Thank you for joining us in this journey.

Well, on to more issues. Christmas for us this year was hairy. We traveled a ton, and celebrated 5 different Christmas parties. The first being the Freed family Christmas in Detroit during Thanksgiving week, second being with our youth ministry Christmas shing dig, third with the Walls Family Christmas in Lapel, Indiana, the onto Cole Christmas and finally a quiet little time with just Danielle and I. Each one was so special and perfect. We really had a wonderful Christmas.

But the laugh is this, Rosie and Danielle bought me a gag gift. They purchased this rainbow shirt as a joke, and when I opened the package, I really liked it. I don’t think they were expecting this response from me, because Danielle quickly told me, it was for a laugh, and that I was not allowed to wear it!!

But I did, because I really liked it. However, we made a deal, I would wear the rainbow shirt to Sunday Night LIVE! (one of our youth programs) and allow the students to vote if I should keep it or not. Well, the vote was pretty clear, and I no longer wear the rainbow shirt. But I would love to know what your thoughts are of my cool rainbow shirt?

You have style right? You know what is cool?

What do you think? Should I ever wear this shirt again? Should I pull it out of retirement, turn my back on my Wisconsin friends and wife, and wear the rainbow shirt loud and proud?

Either way…I still like it…but probably will not wear it…bummer

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nate richardson said...

"wear the rainbow shirt loud and proud?"

did you share the john freed song with them?

wear the shirt, i also have a rainbow shirt.

Becca said...

John- remember that one pastel shirt that was your favorite shirt ever that you sported very frequently your freshman/sophomore year of college? that is what it reminds me of...as soon as I saw the pic I knew you would love it. its a sad day that you can't sport it proud........it's your style.

SuperBecca said...