Thursday, March 16, 2006

Worship in my life

2 Core Beliefs I have made about Worship

For my personal devotions I have been reading Leviticus and Exodus. Both books are very clear about how God communicates and dwells with His people. Here are a few things I have come to a conclusion about in my own personal life concerning worship.

Less always equals More:
The less of myself in the worship time, weather in music, in the Word, or quietly hiking through the woods, the more I can focus on my Heavenly Father and less on me, the more of Him I will experience and rest in.
As I read Leviticus and Exodus, I am seeing a chosen people who complain and groan about their issues, and give no concern to the work or power God is displaying all around them. Have I done this? Would God’s anger burn against my selfishness? Does this show up in my life? These are all questions I have been asking myself as I read through the scriptures. I can’t help but reflect on what John the Baptist said concerning Jesus, “He must increase I must decrease” John 3:30

God Directs Worship, I only can participate:
The God in the Old Testament is the same God of March 2006. I believe longs to be worshiped; I believe He longs to direct our worship. We participate in the moving of a Holy God when we worship. Worship, is giving worth and ownership of our lives to something. For me, worship is only given to the God the Bible outlines. As I read God’s Word I am worshiping, as I take out the trash, I worship. Worship is not something we step in and out of, it is much greater, much deeper. Worship is a lifestyle, a holy participation of our spirit participating in the work of the Holy Spirit. David describes this as “deep calls to deep” Psalm 42
Do I really live this way? Or do I emotionally, or rationally step in and out of a worship task in my life? If Sunday morning worship is not my style, do I feel like I have not been filled, or have not worshiped? Is it possible that worship is not about what I do, but deeper, to who I am? Or is Worship just as much what I do, and less of who I am right now?


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