Thursday, March 15, 2007

Skiing and Snowboarding in Indiana

Yes my friends, it is possible to ski and snowboard in Indiana...we have large hills in southern Indiana!!:)

We had an awesome snow camp with our distrcit last month, we had a ton of fun with our friends from Fusion and enjoyed some beautiful weather.

John stuck with skiing, and did awesome, it was only his second time and he was skiing just as good as me, and I've been skiing for years! I did the skiing thing most of the weekend, but being true to my frist snowboarding teachers, Sam and Kate McG., I decided to give it another try. I was better, but, still fell ALOT on the bunny hill!! However, I will keep trying, a little at a time. I may never get it, I feel so awkward, but, it's really fun to try. Luckily John was willing to help me down the bunny hills in his regular boots, so I fell LESS, but still fell ALOT!!:)

We will be trying to post more often....sorry it's been scarce....we are possibly experiencing the busiest month of our married life....ugh...John is doubling up masters classes this month, so he's in class 2 nights a week and then has double homework...:( you all and look forward to some comments, seeing who reads and cares that we update...


Dana said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun skiing and of course trying to snowboard. ;) All of our snow is gone now, yay! to spring!!!!

J & D Freed said...

Dana, you are awesome!!! Thanks for the comment girl!! :) How are you? R U coming to Fusion??

emilie123 said...

I'm glad you're posting again! :)

Anonymous said...

dude, finally. loveee the pictures. i tried snowboarding this winter too. it is some hard stuff. all of our snow is gone..finally! i wore capri's today. see you guys in less than a monthish!
i hope things get less stressful/busy. i'll pray for you guys.

Tamara Rose said...

:-) Lovely pictures. Yeah i snow boarded last Augest (winter here :)) and i've never skied or boarded so it was fun to try, fall, slip, fall more, and eat snow. It was also wierd that i went to the snow here in Oz! it was still fun.

Well hope you guys are doen' well in your busy life. Take care & God bless
love ya both,
Tamara Rose

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys, it's Sara Lynn. I read what you've been up to, and smile at the fun you two seem to have amidst the busyness of life, Love you both.

Beth said...

Were you at Perfect North Slopes? If so, Erik Timmons and I worked there all through high school and college. Good times. My brother is a snow boarding instructor there.

Renee said...

I envy anyone who can slide down a snow covered hill balanced only by a couple of long sticks!! I wish I could do it!! Love you guys!