Sunday, November 11, 2007

WOW!! It is has been too long!!


We have been sooo busy, and also addicted to FACEBOOK. We have found that we can stay updated with MOST of you through this great site: is a great social network. If you have not yet signed up for an account you need to! We have tons of videos and pictures of what is going on in our life. Feel free to make us your friends on there!

Well a lot has happened since we last wrote. For example, tomorrow i have to write my abstract for my final project and then i will be only weeks away from graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Masters degree in ministry leadership. This is a huge victory for both Danielle and I. We have both sacrificed our "Day OFf" for two years. And last march we were making a big sacrifice while i was in class two nights a week and then the hours of homework that went with it.

For the first time in our married life together Danielle and I have had out own home to participate in Trick or Treating. many of you know we don't care much for Halloween...but love the idea of the hundreds of people coming to our house. This year Justin and Lindsay joined us. Danielle and I gave out cans of soda with a sticker that had scripture on it. So each can had a positive message and was a great treat for the neighborhood. We had TONS of kids tell us we were one of the best places!! We were so proud=)

A few weeks ago Danielle and I went to RAM Camp at IWU. This is a special camp that we take students who feel called into full time ministry. The camp is designed to invest in them and help them discover exactly what that calling is all about. We have a lot of fun on a ropes course, paint-balling, sardines in the student center and just plain hanging out. All the pictures will be up shortly at

also, Heath Jones came down from IWU and gave FUSION an awesome ~JAILBREAK~ Barn Bash for our FUSION Family. It was an awesome party!! Danielle and I were criminals.

finally Danielle, Micah (Danielle's Brother) and Rosie (Danielle's MOm) went to Sherwin Williams Paint shop on 116th Street to see Joseph Addai a Colts Player. He was signing autographs and helping the shop out. OVER 1000 people showed up for the one hour signing. He is definitely a favorite player of Indy. Needless to say, we never able to get close to him, except through the window, but that was close enough!

well that is the update on us. Keep looking and to see what I have been up to in school check out:


Christina Estes said...

Hey! Nice work on the "trick or Treats"! We hardly got any kids at all (more candy for jeremiah). Hey you can add me as a link on your blog since we're cousins and all. See you on Christmas!

Leanne said...

finally kids. golly gee. love the photo's. you guys are so funny. sending a HUGE hug to john for being almost completely done w/ school. WOW! what an accomplishment!

Carrie said...

hurray for an update. i love the always have the best adventures! hugs for a great turkey day.

Tamara Rose said...

:-) Your photos are great! You guys are so cute! :)
And i love your photos and videos on faceboook. :)

I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas! Don't have to much fun with out me. I miss you all heaps!! God bless

Love you tons
Tamara Rose

Charity said...

Oh, I just love you guys. I haven't been to your blog in forever, but Tamara reminded me of it. :) Have a merry Christmas! I miss you!

Dena said...

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I saw where you entered the contest on Savin Some for the 100 Coupons. I also have a contest going on over at my site for 100+ coupons. Here is the link if you are interested.

Karl and his friend Chandler said...

Hey, Did you give the good candy to the young kids? And the old ones to the older ones (11, 12, etc.) Hey, Speaking of holidays, I can't wait to spend them with my friend!!