Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome Back

Well really you may have not seen an update on here in a long time. But a lot has happened in the last 9 months!! Danielle is still pregnant and could have the baby any time now! We are hoping sooner than later!! So far everything thing has gone, "PERFECTLY NORMAL" which has become my favorite phrase to hear! I am so anxious and have been ever since we found out we were pregnant. However, the truth is I don't need to worry. God has been so good and we have been so blessed!! It really is true...we should not worry! HE is in control!!

Today we went to Meijer in our NEW MINIVAN (well new to us) to walk around and try to get some labor going!! We call this "OPERATION FREE BABY FREED"! Thanks Shanna for the great title!! We have included a pic of her in this post.

Also, Bud Freed (my Dad soon to be Grandpa) Jesse, Micah and a whole Army of Friend and family members helped us put in a deck in our home. Over the past 2 and half years we have tried to fix up our home and add more value to it. Adding the Deck was the final piece to our plan. At first we were unsure how we ever could afford the deck we dreamed about! We looked at many different options but to put in a deck or patio 12 wide and 25 feet wide was going to cost a pretty penny. Than, my Dad found some time to come down from Clarkston Michigan and give an entire week to help us out! We worked from 8am - 10pm at night! I don't know if we have ever worked that hard in our lives! I even impressed the Father In-Law on how hard i worked=) When it was all said and done, we were able to save a lot of money and my friends and family gave us an awesome gift! A few weeks ago Joe my brother, came down from Greenville Michigan and put that final touch, stain.

thank you everyone for our awesome deck!!

Finally, many of you know, but I have SLEEP APNEA. Yeah Yeah Yeah, i can already hear the jokes!! But for the past two months I have been sleeping with a new CPAP machine!! I sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed and ready for the day! Danielle say's she can totally see a difference in our lives!!!

And before i let you go, i hope to post more often. Maybe if I post more, you will comment and encourage us to keep updating???

Keep in touch!!


Deven said...

I wouldn't say my dad loves his breathing machine, but he does love that it lets him sleep well. So glad it's working for you!

Rev. Joseph, Randi, Rachel & Rebekah Gormong said...

Glad to hear from you and that you're back! 2 quick things...

1.) Danielle I see you are having a problem getting your coat to button? (I know how you feel, been struggling with that most of my life!)

2.) John could you have gotten a mask that covered more of your face? HA (Actually my brother Jason has one of those and he sleeps like a baby too. Funny thing he went to the doc for some blood work, and fell asleep outside in the waiting room and the doc heard him and realized he had a problem and well he is now wearing one too!)

Love you guys!


Feldman Family said...

yeaaaa! So fun to read an update on your blog! I look forward to many many more...and I of course look forward to many pictures of the new little baby! Can't wait to see him! Wish I wasn't so far away so that I could see him in person (and you guys of course too!) Love ya!