Thursday, July 07, 2005

What am i doing now?

Ok seriously, i am not a good blooger. This is exactly what happens when I try to journal. I get a great start..and then boom...real life kicks in and I loose it. I get not lazy, but too busy. Almost as if everything i was doing was more important then journaling...or blooging. So do i get guilty? Do i get angry? Do I stare aimlessly into the night? NO! I FIGHT BACK!!!

My wife had a good idea...she said i should put my "To Do" list on my blog, giving people a great glimpse into what I do on a daily basis. Since I am sure everyone wonders what a pastor does all day...besides prayer, practice weddings, and listen to Christian raido.

But next week I have to, i don't normally have to preach...but well it is coming to that time of the month again, so the topic I am speaking on is..."What Jesus wants to do when life hands you garbage to work with"...long title i know...but i could not think of a better way to shorten it. Unless I went with: "Jesus + Garbage = Todays 30min sermon".

Well today it is 78 and beautiful in Milwaukee. Could not ask for a better day. Danielle is coming back from Chicago where she took Veronica (our good friend from Arizona) to the air port. It is an emotional ride, because Veronica will not be back for sometime. So Veronica, Wisconsin and our hearts...are growing colder until you return.

Tomorrow if you really want to know: CRM ( is having a Car wash to raise money for youth camp, and after that i am off to Oshkosh for LIFEST!! Should be a ton of fun!

Well, I tip my glass to those who struggle. It is sad to think...if it were not for Christ being the unfailing God...the unfailing whole life would be nothing more then a failure. Sure I fail, and often. But what if failing is all i can do? What if somewhere deep inside of me is this cancer....this broken peice of me...and all I will ever do is fail? Then what?

John 15:5--->when ever you start to get it.

Love you Father, keep close, pull me back, and urge me out into a deeper walk with you. You make it so me not to make my spiritual life so hard. I just have a way of taking it back, and making my spiritual life about me...and less about you. When in fact you want to create in me a clean, pure, powerful, rich, barbaric, heart, that desires to have all of you. Yeah...that sounds good.

p.s. if you have not grade school English teachers FAILED in a grand way with me...i take no responsiblity for my education...i was merely a by stander=) or so it seems.

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Veronica Saller said...

Hey John,
Thanks for the kind words! And thanks for loaning your wife out for the day. It meant a lot that she came with us. So, here's my blog (vjsvetchics). I'll really get better about writing in it if you do! Good luck preaching, sorry I won't be there. Tell Danielle I said hi and I miss you both! ~Veronica