Sunday, August 14, 2005

My vacation

My vacation is going great this year. Danielle and I are traveling to Detroit to visit my parents in their new home and church. It was great seeing how God had moved and provided in their lives and to see how many people they will have the chance to share Christ with. A year ago, we were praying that God would provide a ministry for my father (Bud Freed). A few years ago he came out of a really hard season of ministry. Ministry had become more of a job, than serving the Lord, and he understood he needed to get his feet under him and draw closer to the Lord. So, for three years he has worked as the Chaplin for a hospital in Coldwater, Michigan and in the shipping and recieveing area of that hospital. But today, he is the senior Pastor of a church in a beautiful lake town just outside Detroit. They are loving this season of ministry and enjoy being able to be used by God in a fresh new way.

So we are over here for a few days visiting them, then on Friday and Saturday we are heading to Ottowa Lake near Toledo (exit 5 on Hwy23) where Justin and Lindsay will tie the knot..........................spring forward to the future.........................that wedding was beautiful!! Justin and Lindsay make an awesome dynamic couple. Justin has always been a huge smile in my life. He is one of those guys you love to be friends with because he makes you a better person. Justin has always taught me how to be open, real, and authentic with others in my spiritual life. Lindsay is a beautiful lady, who is passionte about her faith. I was thinking yesterday, when her father was walking her down the isle...boy i hope my daughter, someday, turns out in love with Jesus like she is!

We are back in Detroit, and we are planning on leaving tomorrow for Dayton, OH. where I will show Danielle where i grew up and went to high school. It will be fun seeing old old old friends, and reconnecting with them.

Then after Dayton, (we have no schedule of time) we will head to Anderson, IN. where her parents live. We are looking forward to this..because they have a pool, so we plan on just sitting around doing nothing.

While i am on my vactaion i am reading a few books. I hope to have them done when i return home. One is "Chirst Plays in 10,000 Places" by Eugene Peterson. Which is a great book on Spiritual Theology. It is a tough book!! But i am enjoying it. Also i am reading "We Believe" which is a basic Christianity book by many old time authors. And then finally i am reading, another book my Eugene that i can not recall the title....but i proimse you it is good. If you would like to borrow them, drop me a email.

If you were wondering, i do miss our students. It is like we have left our kids with grandma and grandpa. I think about them daily, and just earlier I was showing someone our website...i really love those guys and gals.

well, i better get going. Danielle is napping on the couch, and i am chillin on the porch. I will try to check back later...but you know how I am at blogging.

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