Wednesday, August 31, 2005

WOW! The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few

There are 51 Million children under the age of 18 years old
80% of all children in the US do NOT have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
40 Million Do NOT know Jesus

Before I am 35 (10 years) the US will no longer be able to consider itself a Christian nation.

A persons moral foundations are generally in place by the age of 9

Most American Christians have accepted Christ by age 12

What person believes by age 13 is what they will die believing.

85% of Parents in the US believe it is their job to teach their kids about Spiritual Matters and Moral beliefs.

Only 11% said they believed it was the Churches job to teach children about spiritual matters.

In the Protestant churches across the US only 1 in 5 parents were given any instruction on how to Teach children about moral beliefs and Spiritual matters.

In most typical US Churches 4 of ever 10 people a church ministers to are children. Yet 7 our of every 8 dollars are spent on adults.


nate richardson said...

can we be considered a Christian nation today?

J & D Freed said...

85% of American's belive they are Christians. If you ask somone on the street what religion they would consider America being...I belive they would say Christian. Does this make it a Christian nation? No, but i believe Christians, enjoy considering this a Christian nation. Natan, you and i come from the same way of thinking...i don't consider America a Christian nation...but talk to my father, and you would get a diffrent drawn out answer.