Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Away...but will be back soon

Hey Friends and Family,
we are normally really good about posting. but recently we have been traveling a bunch and have been unable to keep up with it. Last week I was honored to speak at a morning chapel at ICD Family Camp. The students were so kind to Danielle and I, and we really loved laughing with them that morning. I think I did more laughing then preaching, but it was one of those mornings. It was awesome to spend the evenings with Richard and Debbie, Danielle's Aunt and Uncle. They are so encouraging to us!

After camp, we rushed up to Mukwonago, Wisconsin to be apart of Veronica and Brian's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony, and even made me cry. I think I am getting soft...or it could just be that town. It was great hanging out with out brothers and sister in Christ at Culver's and laughing until closing time. Great times!!!

Finally on Saturday night, we drove back home to Fishers, where we were up for Sunday Worship at our church, and Sunday night was our HOUSE Party, where we laughed again even more, and after house Party we had all our students over for Pizza and NERTZ!

Well that brings us to today...and why we can't post...well...IT"S OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!! Three Years tomorrow Danielle and I were married 8 miles north of where I am sitting now. She is more beautiful and I love her more now than then. She has been an awesome wife, and I truly see that I got the better end of the deal.

This week we are going on an adventure....we are going camping in Brown County. For those of you who hike, or live long periods of time outdoors...good for you...but this is not our style. We are truly city folk, and camping is going to be an adventure for us. We are really excited, and will bring back lots of pictures...of our camp site.

Anyways, we love you all...keep checking in with us and leaving us comments. We love them! Also, if you want to follow along with my schooling, you can read my Grad Blog http://www.freedschool.blogspot.com where I post my current papers and thoughts. I am finishing up a class on WORSHIP with DR. TODD GUY from Indiana Wesleyan Univ. and it is a great class. Take a look.


SuperBecca said...

hey! i LOVE BROWN COUNTY!!! its beautiful down there. we used to go camping there every fall with my sister and my mom and Bob and its just awesome!!! :) My prayers are with you!

Mark O. Wilson said...

Brown County! Wonderful! Congratulations on yor aniversary.

J.T. & Kel said...

John & Danielle-
Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you have a great time. So, we should also get together sometime soon, my life (and Kelli's life, althought she won't admit it) hasn't been the same sense. We love you guys!!!
J.T. & Kelli

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary kids!
sounds like you guys have had some crazy fun lately.
i hope things go well camping. trust me...camping is quite the adventure. have fun!

Tony & Renee said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I can't believe it's been 3 years already! Congrats! We would love to have you both over for dinner very soon! Let us know! Love ya
Tony and Renee