Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Day at the pool with my cousins! :)

Today I, Danielle, spent the afternoon with my cousins and several of my cousins kids! We had a blast! I love playing with these guys, they are so much fun! I was really thrilled to spend time with my cousin Val's kids, Emma and Josiah! They are sweeties! I had to post these pics because they are all so cute, and especially to show you Reese's Mohawk! It's INSAINE! It's totally real and very permanant!! HA!! :)

Here is Blake having a BLAST! He loves to show off his tricks on the diving board and the slide!

Here is most of the crew I played with today!
Emma in the front, and the boys, Blake, Reese, Josiah, and Austin!

Here is the Mohawk! I can't believe it, he is Mr Cool!! :) He's showing off his big muscles!!!

Here is Bekah with our friends JB and Misty's daughter Lizzy, I've spent the last 2 days with these two, we have so much fun, Lizzy is oh so animated and very dramatic! She did signlanguage to my dog yesterday, I thought Bekah and I were going to explode we were laughing so hard!!

Is she not just the cutest thing??? She is very smart, I love her. She and her family live in Texas right now, so it was an extra special treat to see them today!! She is expecting a baby brother in September!! :)


Anonymous said...

i love being able to still feel like i'm a part of your lives with this blog!!
loving the adorable pics..
keep in touch!
love always,

J & D Freed said...


We are really glad you check in on the blog! That's why we do it, we want you to be a part of our lives! We love you!