Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Who Knew??

WOW, who knew our leaving CrossRoad Ministries would have such an affect on our Adult Life Coaches! We hope everything turns out okay for them!?!

HAHA!! These guys ROCK! They are so much fun, we miss you! Rock ON!!!!


Anonymous said...

that was like the scariest thing ever. and i know, it was supposed to teach us a lesson on how we need to accept everyone, but seriously. they looked like they were about to bite us. very very scary. miss you guys. hopefully we'll talk soon.

Charity said...

I MISS YOU!!! We talked to some aunts/uncles/cousins on Sun. since they were all together for Labor Day. I'm so jealous. I miss the COLES so much!! (Crazy as they may be ;-)) I hope you and Jon had fun, though I hear you left early (right?) love you!