Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One more shout out to Chicago...

We went up the hancock building at 10:00 at night! Highly reccommend pun intended!! :)
We had a great weekend....oh yeah....I had to put one last pic in of my dad with my bear and blankie! He was making the bear talk....he was either really happy or really tired, we'll never know which...but trust me, he doesn't usually play with stuffed animals!!


Mariaj said...

I miss you guys. Those are great pictures. I love the one of your family. My dad does really strange things when he is tired too.

Shannon said...

Yay! Chi-town is my home! So much fun! Hey, I met Nicole and just hung out with Lynette. Thanks for sending her my way! Come visit soon!

Tamara Rose said...

Hey ya!

Thats so great! Those pic were sweet! :) I'm glad you had blast! Hey i remember Willy. Wow, uncle David with a stuft bear..... hmm... that is a moment to capture, and a first! LOL

We miss all ya'll at Thanksgiving also! It really wasn't the same with out all the noisy Coles there! On our way there i kept thinking we were going to see all you guys when we got there... it was wierd when we got there and there wasn't any coles. *sniff* And boy-oh-boy is December going to be wierd. Today we were looking at christmas cards (it was pretty warm) and I asked "why are we looking at Christmas card??" in a really confused way.. :0 "wow!" is right!

Anyways keep up the pic, they are very beautiful! I wanna here all about the coles life. I'm ganna try and FINALY update (maybe) tonight.. maybe... :)

heaps of love from Ossie land
Tamara Rose
~A loud cole at heart!~ ;)