Sunday, December 03, 2006

Catching Up with some friends!


well life has been crazy around here. With big projects in my Masters program, Thanksgiving, traveling to Detroit, and many visitors to our home from Wisconsin. Here are a couple of our favorite pictures!!!

Dani and Becca, it was so cool to have you here!! We loved hanging out with you, laughing with you, shopping with you, and of course hanging out with campers at TARGET until 1am!!! So proud of you for your driving adventure, and your heart for personal growth!!! You ROCK!!!

But Before Dani and Becca made the long trip down from Wisconsin, our friends, Matt, Jake, Cindy, Steve, Mike, and Tina all came down from Mukwonago to celebrate my birthday!! It was just like old times...lots of loud laughing and lemon teeth!!! I think that is how you know when a friendship runs deep, when you can pick up right where you left off, and it isn't events or experience that bring you together, but a heart connection. We love you all!!!


Anonymous said...

i love all the pictures. by the way, where did you get your coat danielle? ive been searching for a while for a coat like that.

Anonymous said...

LEMON TEETH! AHHHH!!!! I can't go anywhere w/o wanting someone to do that! You guys are the best.