Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Freed House for Thanksgiving

OK, going home to Detroit does not happen as much as we would like. But everytime we go home to Mom and Dad Freed' is always an experience. For example, now my parents have chickens! Well a lot of my life i had grown up with chickens and collecting eggs. BUT we didn't live in town...we lived out in the normal people with chickens. But if you know my parents, they are unique and love to have chickens.

The funny thing was, Danielle and I got to go collect the eggs. But Danielle was freaked out...or as she likes to put it,
"this is freaky". But once we got into the coop, and played with the chickens and ducks she was ready to discover some eggs. Also, my Dad would be happy, if i would mention that my parents once used to have a Turkey....but well, Thanksgiving came along, and he became the guest of honor at the Thanksgiving meal.

Finally, big thanks to my Dad for taking us to Port Huron Michigan on Wednesday! I really wanted to show Danielle where i lived until i was 12. It was amazing how well i knew my way around, and how things had not changed much since 1993. Everything was still there!

Port Huron is the birth place of Thoma Edison, and also the location of the Blue Water Bridge. So here is a picture of me and dad with Tommy Edison!


Anonymous said...

John and Mr.Edison appear to be the best of friends. =)
and i can totally hear Danielle saying "this is freaky"
too cute guys, too cute.

Tamara Rose said...

:-) You guys have been busy! Wow, sounds like things are pretty great. *sigh*.... isn't it crazy how life moves on? But its great that your true friends still love you just the same. ;)

Hah, thats very funny Danielle. We went on a farm a month ago and we had to get ege's from these people who had 300 chickens, so there was heaps of eges. and it was "freaky" ;^) sorta... it was kinda cool, but then they started attacking me and i had flip-flops on! But it was fun.

It looks like you had a good thankgiving, and thats great that you, John, got to see your home town, I'd love to go back to mine someday (hah... not that it was THAT long ago.... 7 years... thats a little bit :)), but i'm sure its chaged heaps.

Hope you are all are doing just dandy. R You going to spend Christmas with the Coles? Maybe we can call again and talk to everyone. Well love you and miss you both! I'll play in the water and get a tan for you (or a sunborn ;)), if you guys though a snow ball and make snow agels for me. Deal?

<3 (thats a heart when its upside down) Tamara Rose

emilie123 said...

I'm no longer a lurker! Love the site! Blog on, bloggers!

Anonymous said...

some things never change.....oh John you crazy crazy man. We just started and yours well, its one to remember.

Tony & Renee said...

You guys crack me up!! Whenever I need a "pick-me-up" I just go to your blog for a little giggle :-)
Love you both

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

were are those great updates guys? come one??? please!! ;)
love you guys, it was great talking at Christmas. The singing was great as well. :) you guys are the best. miss ya,

love from

Tony & Renee said...

Hey Guys!
Where are the Christmas pictures??
waiting patiently :-)
tony & renee