Monday, January 29, 2007


WOW--Are we excited!
One week ago today we found out our Colts are going to the SUPER BOWL!
We have Super Bowl Slam next Sunday @ Fall Creek....MAJOR PAR-TAY!!:)


Shannon said...

Loved hanging with you guys! Good luck with the Colts- I'll be cheering for the Bears! May the best team win!

Brooks said...

i love what the shadow is doing with your hair john.

The Carpenter's said...

You guys are halarious, You know that the bears are going to win right? Well I hope that your super bowl party goes great

have a great week


Tamara Rose said...

tusk tusk you two. Partying on Sunday? :(

The good thing is here, we get it on monday morning for us. :) Its cool.

Well you both look really cute! Have a lovly week.
the cuz

Anonymous said...

the colts...pshhhh. actually, i dont know who to root for. so maybe i'll root for them. have fun at your party!!

Mariaj said...

We got to watch the super bowl this afternoon. It was exciting! You guys both look so funny (in a good way) in that picture. It is pretty cute. :)

Anonymous said...

hi this is courtney from the superbowl partayy. i was there with taylor. i had alot of fun and i plan on coming back for wendsday nights. i hope i can because i had a lot of fun, thanks for opening up your church for us.

Courtney Long