Saturday, January 13, 2007

We're Back....again.....!

We are back in blogging land finally. We have had problems updating lately because we are very strict about trying to post with a pic, and if we don't have a pic, we don't post...well, then there is another issue, all of our pics are on John's computer and he's been insainly busy lately, so he doesn't have time to post, nor do I get time to use his computer, SO we are going to try to copy all of our pics onto both computers so that we don't have to go through a long long time like this again, without an update from the Freeds!

Anyway---We had an awesome Holiday season with MANY Christmas parties and celebrations between people at church, friends and of course family. It was nice to be near family again and we have felt very welcomed by our new church family, church staff and new friends in the area.

Here is the wide array of White elephants from our Staff Christmas Party!!

New years was great, we had alot of fun with our new friends Matt and Carin whom we enjoy their friendship, but we are crazy about their kids, I mean, we really do like them too, but their boys are a HOOT! The funniest thing was when Ian, their 3 year old went around the room telling people what they looked like. It started when we looked at a wedding picture of his mom and dad and he said, "Mommy, You look like a princess" then he said "Daddy, you look like an angel" and I asked him what John looked like, and he said "An Angel too" and then what do I, Danielle, look like, and he responded, "You look like a man who rides a horse!" WE LOST IT....he is SOOOOOOOOOOOo funny.

After new years we headed out for Florida where we were a part of the Gathering, a meeting of Weselyan Pastors and families for 4 days(in Orlando), and we had alot of fun there both with our church staff, and with friends from our past and some from our WAY past! I was thrilled to unexpectdly run into my first two youth pastors Brian and Michelle and Barry and Heather. What a huge suprise! We caught up on new times and old. It was wonderful! I also got to see one of our old pastors Bill and Rebecca from the old Memorial Circle days, one of our favorites!

After that we were off to Lake Placid to see my Grandparents and to meet up with some other Aunts and Uncles at their huge house they rent each winter. We were down there for 3 days and got to do alot of fun things. We got to go on a couple of boat rides around the lake they live on, took a tour of an Aligator farm that had 2,000 aligators, some for show and some for eating and making purses and shoes out of. That was an intersting place. We both held a 5 year old Aligator....who had his little mouth taped shut...just to be safe! Then we watched a few movies there and had alot of good eating! We also got to visit the church that my grandparents attend down there then we headed on out to Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach treated us well. Despite the fact that I was sick most of the time we were there (4 days), the weather and the ocean were beautiful. We were in Cocoa during a LOW tourist season, so it was almost like we had everything to ourselves, even the ocean! We were the only people swimming besides the surfers, and most days we were 2 of many 4 or 6 people at the heated pool, which was lovely! Apparently, the second week of January is the time to be there! We also got the privlege of going to Kennedy Space Center where we met a real astronaut who went into space with Sally Ride (the first female in space). He was cool, he did a presentation and showed pictures then we got to get our picture taken with him. We also toured real space shuttles and rockets and all that fun outer space stuff. It was very interesting and fun!

Now--We are back home preparing for our new year. I am now working at the church doing the afterschool program like I did last semester but also taking on a new role as the Student Ministries Assistant...I'm excited!:)
God has been good to us over the last year, there were great times as well as hard times, but we know God's hand was in all of it. I was reminded of a great phrase on my friend Leanne's Myspace
"God is too wise to be mistaken, too good to be unkind, so when you don't understand, when you don't see His plan, when you don't feel His hand, trust His heart." I think that's been our motto this past year, we know we serve and loving and a good God, and we trust Him with everything we've gone through this past year.

We also want to thank our family and friends-new an old- for loving us so much! We love you all!!

Here is an overview collage of Florida...Click to enlarge!!:)


Deven said...

Is that, by any chance, Matt and Carin Hines? If so, I knew Matt at IWU and have lost track. I think their son's name was Ian, but I didn't know they had another. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kids!
wow sounds like a lot of fun, hey? i'm going to have to give you a call soon to catch up on everything. i love all your pictures. they are always the cutest. we have exams this coming week! eek! but calculus is already done, so thats alright. i miss you a lot. see you later gator

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to have your blog back! I miss it when you guys don't post. Love Zoe as a reindeer. Bring her over to see Carley again.


Carrie said...

Were you really up here visiting Nate in Northern NY??? If so...HELLO!! The next time you get that close to VT tell me and we'll swing over to say hi. You brought John that close to my mountain and didn't call me??? Glad to see you post again. Hugs to you both for a great new year!

Dave & Lynnette Mason said...

It was good seeing you both @ the Gathering!

Brittany :] said...

heyy hotties
so that beach collage is amazing!
i'm jealous.

check out my senior pics
muahh brittie