Saturday, April 22, 2006

Alan Jackson: Precious Memories

My Good friend Dan W. let me borrow his new Alan Jackson CD! Wow it is awesome!! If you are like me and you grew up with those old camp meeting songs, you will love this one!! I feel like I am back at Victory Camp in Columbus, Ohio! Alan Jackson does an incredible job at capturing that old time sound in the hymns that many of us grew up listening too. Check it out for your self HERE.

Thanks Dan!!!

Also, pray for Dan and I. Today Dan found an opportunity through the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to share the Great News of Jesus Christ. He has been a Boy Scout Troop leader for years, and asked if I could be the speaker at this year's spring retreat. We are praying that God uses our efforts to speak to hearts.


Mark O. Wilson said...

Wow! Victory Camp! That's my stomping ground. I cut my teeth on the benches there in the tabernacle. Thanks for taking me back.

SuperBecca said...

JOHN FREED ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!! :) And hey, teach me guitar... we'll have guitar lessons, muahahaha