Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Good Parents gone Bad!!

I don't want to say we are bad parents, I just want to say we have made poor choices in our first week of parenting our new dog Zoe....Ok, here is the story...when we first got Zoƫ we had great intentions of helping her become the great dog God has created her to be. We spent a lot of money on toys, good food, fancy dog dishes, fo-rhinestone collar, a long leash, balls, Frisbees, and a big fluffy bed. We have fallen in love with her, and the joy she finds in all these things. We laid down the house rules so she would know our standards of living: here are our rules:

1. NO getting dirty in yucky nasty ponds. Labs love to swim, and Zoe is no exception, she grew up swimming in a pond out her back door, however, the ponds in our area are nasty and full of seaweed, plus when she comes out she is no longer beautiful blonde but black from the mud and grime.

2. NO swimming in Rosie's (Grandma walls) pool!! Her nails can hurt the sides, and plus, dogs should not play in the pool.

3. NO SLEEPING IN THE BED! Dogs are dogs and don’t belong in beds.

Well you can see by the pictures below, we have given in on all three of our core rules. We tried to be good parents, but in one simple week we have given in to her cuteness. I just want to say for the record, all the rules have been broken through Danielle, as the one picture can show.

We love our Zoe and are having fun with her anyway!! This is good training for future additions to our family, but at this rate, we are not doing to well with rules.


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Anonymous said...

IT wasn't supposed to be ananomys, it's ANN!!!

Holly Greene said...

Hey guys! We got a dog a couple months ago, and she's completely spoiled and permitted to do whatever she pleases too! Nice to know I'm not the only one :)

Janet White said...

There is still hope because Zoe is smart and can relearn these bad habits. I tell Carley all of the time that it's a good thing she's cute or life would be very different for her. :-)

Anonymous said...

aww cutest doggy ever. you guys are so funny. first you let her eat the plants and then sleep in the bed? goshh. well camp was awesome, i'll have pictures to show you later.

Anonymous said...

aww..the same thing happened with our puppy, bailey.
i love zoe!! she looks so adorable!!

Beth said...

John or Danielle,
Please go to your local library RIGHT NOW and check out the new best-seller, Marlee and Me, a wonderfully written memoir about a family and their yellow lab Marlee. It will make you laugh, cry, and realize why you got a dog in the first place. I just finished it and LOVED it.

Anonymous said...

tsk, tsk, tsk.