Friday, July 07, 2006

Some Pictures from the Freed Family Foto Booth

Here are some pictures we took this week during July 4th of friends in the Freed Family Foto Booth!

Grandma Cole, Danielle and I

Mom and Dad Freed::: i love having crazy people for parents!

Mom and Dad Freed

Crazy Mama Freed

Great picture of Grandma Cole


The Carpenter's said...

We are glad that everything is going so well for you in Indiana. May God bless you as you start fresh in a new ministry! Christin Carpenter

Charity said...

LOL!!! That one of G'ma Cole is hysterical! I have to show it to my family! hahaha!

J & D Freed said...

I think this is halarious too Charity! I crack up to much at grandma! She's soooo funny!
Good talking to you guys too!
Love ya!