Friday, July 07, 2006

back...for now

WOW! It has been a whirlwind of two weeks. As you know...if you have been keeping up on this blog or calling us...we have been in Milwaukee and then last week we were in Guatemala doing missions work. While the trips were both really short, they were extremly "impacto" on our lives. We have been running from one project to another. In Guatemala our eyes were open to huge devistation from mud slides, along with poverty stricken fmailies that live in grass huts. They have no shoes, and many of the children have worms; however, God opened doors for us to serve in little ways, but mind you, little ways for Jesus are big ways for eternity! We gave 250 pairs of shoes to children in a little village called San Juan. These children had very dirty feet, some even bloody and we washed them with baby wipes and placed new shoes on their feet. They never asked what brand they were, or what color, they were just so excited to have something. We also gave pounds and pounds of candy away. The children, don't get a lot of candy, so we gave lots!! While we were visiting the children and playing with them, we went to a school and gave de-worming medicine to the entire school grades k-6. The stuff tasted nasty but the students knew they needed it. And finally, I helped build a kitchen. That's right...with only a trowl and knife i helped a man build a kitchen. It was a huge learning experience for me, but brought some beautiful memories.

Thank you so much for all of you who prayed for Danielle, the students and myself as we travled and ministered to people. God's truly blessed our two weeks with strength, power, and new vision for our ministry in Fishers. Danielle and I cried often while we were in Guatemala it was very hard for me to see the pain and devistation this nation has. But at the same time, I knew God was there, and these people who had nothing, really had more than what appeared to my Western, materialism driven eyes. They were all very conected with family, they really cared for each other, and everyone smiled. They did not have much food, or clean water, but they smiled, because life was about more than gaining and storing was about love. God's love is very much alive in Guatemala, you can feel it in the hearts of the children when they climb on your back and whisper "thank you" in broken english because of a piece of "dulce" [candy] you have given them.

Our words nor blog could ever describe the imprint Guatemala left on our hearts. We hope to go back next year...and yes...take you with us!!

Special thanks to our family Jodi and Paul for giving us a tour of their village and home in Guatemala. The coffee is amazing and your home is very beautiful!!! (And Danielle sends well wishes to the dog!)

Well.....I am all caught up with the two weeks of Grad work I left here, our Apartment is still not all the way moved in, and we have the begining of a week of Youth Camp on is good...busy...but really good!!


Anonymous said...

guatamala sounds awesome. what an amazing experiance. it seems like God really met with you guys there.

SuperBecca said...

WOW :)
I went to the MRM on the 4th to serve food... it was an amazing feeling, even if I only squirted ketschup and mustard on over 200 people's food. :) I liked it... a lot!!!
God Bless

J & D Freed said...

Becca, serve as muh as you can!! God can use even ketchup and mustard to spread His awesome love!!!!!!

so glad to hear you are going to MRM

Anonymous said...

wow guatemala sounds like it was amazing!! you are such inspiration in the way you keep serving the Lord. I miss you both tons! Have a fun time at camp.


Random Man said...

Hey, this is Brady "Samurai" Knepp, if you're wondering who this is, I hope that I can one day go on a mission trip, my brother, Landon went on one not too long ago to Israel and his group was able to baptise someone in, I think, the sea of Galilee. Hopefully sometime I can go on one of these trips as well.

Camp was fun,