Tuesday, November 01, 2005

3 Main Ingredients to a Successful LIFE

1. Purpose [aka: Direction or Compose]
Having this defined at the front end of your life, will keep you on the path to success. This works in all ways of life. That’s why “PURPOSE Driven LIFE” has been a successful book. Because people have found that when you have purpose, it is like having a compose for your day to day activities; whether that is a meal with friends, or a marriage.
KEY QUESTION: Why are you going in this direction?

2. Goal [aka: Destination]
Having clear goals allows your to track progress in the direction you are going. ALL successful people have goals. What are the goals you have for life? Having clear goals allows you to track where you are going, and how you will get there. Having Goals in life, is like having a map.
KEY QUESTION: What do you want to accomplish?

3. Strategy [aka: Vehicle]
Having a clear strategy for how you will accomplish your goals, which are directed by your purpose, will give you the easiest way to success at what ever you do. Nailing down a strong strategy will give you a vehicle to your goals. Having a strong strategy, will give you confidence and momentum in accomplishing your goals. With out a strategy, you will never accomplish your goals. For many school is the vehicle for accomplishing their life goals. I recommend always linking yourself with a mentor. A good mentor will challenge your strategy, requiring you to really make good choices, and proper steps through life. My ministry is to link people with strong LIFE Coaches...take a look at "MY WORK" under links.
KEY QUESTION: What methods will you take to accomplish your purpose?

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