Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanks God for brothers

Well Danielle and I are in Detroit at my parent’s home in the suburb of Clarkston. My parents live in a really cool place. They live on the same lake as Bob Seger and Kid Rock! Sometimes, they can hear music on the lake from Bob’s house and my mom has bumped into him at Kroger one or twice.

Being home for the Thanksgiving is interesting for me. It is always good to reconnect with my brothers and mom and dad. but it always reminds me of why a man leaves home to cling to his wife. I can appreciate my family, and love them a ton, but I feel good about moving away and starting my own home. It is awesome how that happens so naturally.

Right now I am watching Seinfeld with my brothers, just like old times. I have to admit I do miss them. They are the only guys on the face of the planet who really know what it was like to grow up in this house.

They are the only guys in the world that know how to really tell when dad is mad.
They are the only ones in the world that know where the “silence of the Lamb’s” cardboard cutout is hidden in our house.
They are the only guys that know how Joseph screwed up Christmas morning one year and made mom cry…we will never let him live that down.
No one else in the world knows what it is like to celebrate a FIREFIGHTERS Christmas at Kimball Township Fire Dept.

I love these guys! Thanks God for my great brothers…and thanks for giving us a relationship that is deep and real.

Happy Thanksgiving from the quietest one in the Freed family…no joke!!

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Mandy Walter said...

Pastor John-
I've been to Clarkston every year of my life!!
That's the place where my dad grew up.
My aunt still lives there...right down the street from where my grandma's house is. My grandma lived right next to the mill pond..now she lives in some crazy fancy apartments called Canterbury on the Lake (I think that's what they are called...).

I'm very glad you enjoyed the food, family, and fun of Thanksgiving. You and Danielle have been such a blessing to me, I'm SO! thankful for both of you. Thanksgiving is definitely a time to celebrate your blessings. So, I'm celebrating you :).