Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanks MOM!

Thanks Mom for the chocolate fountain---Danielle and I love it!!

See more pictures of the CRM Thankgiving PITCH-IN @ www.ShowMeCRM.org


Robert said...

Great fountain!!

Beth said...

How would you like if I spit chocolate instead of water on your pants. I would be nice and spit it on the back of your pants though.
Hi Danielle. I found a picture of us the other day. Good times. Remember D.C? You were dating someone else, well, kind of, but John was there too, and you married John. Weird world.

Tony Myles said...

So are you drinking or slurping?

Anonymous said...

your public is so anxious to have you update! I'm currently malnourished of Freed. I can't get enough Freed!