Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Books I am currently reading:

Ok my hope is to read these books by the end of the year. I have started all of them, but hope to finish all of them by Jan.1

What happens is every 3-4 months I make personal reading goals for myself. The reason I do this, is because i buy lots and lots of books...with dreams of reading them all...then slowly read them...so for the past year I have been setting reading goals for meself...it has helped a ton. here are the books i am reading now....

ENTER THE WORSHIP CIRCLE by Ben Pasley [Relevant Books]
This is a great book...I laugh out loud when he the Author talks about coffee houses, and the art work inside. Very good insights so far in worship, and life style worship. I have always loved the CD's and now the book also.

THINKING FOR CHANGE by John C. Maxwell [Warner Business Books]
I have read all of John's books...and if you have read one...you really have read them all. But I enjoy his illustrations and quick insights...a mile wide and inch deep...but an easy easy read. Very encourageing to me. I enjoy all of John's books because they are fast read, and practical....much like my life.

THE CASE FOR CHRIST by Lee Strobel [Zondervan]
I have been meaning to read this book for a long time. and I am reading another of Lee's books this month, so I thought I would zip through this...but most times with Lee's books...it is a slow walk. He always has great stuff to point out...He has a great way of thinking....and causing you to think.

CONTROLLED CHAOS--Making sense of Junior High Ministry-- by Kurt Johnston
I am reading this book because in our ministry we have just split Jr. High students from the Sr. High students. I am not all that good with Jr. High students. So I am reading this book looking for direction and help...hopefully it will solve all my worlds problems. Kurt is a great youth pastor I have learned a lot from his other books.

I am looking forward to reading this book. mostly because it is my passion. I have never read a book by Bill so this should be good....first two chapters are intence.

This has been a great book...it is really a look in side the mind of Lee. The feelings he felt as a professional journalist for the Chicago Tribune and his feelings when he first came to church with his wife. He does a great job at painting a picture of the seeker, and the type of greeting they expect from a church. and the type of greeting they need to recieve from a church. I do question this book a tad...the first church and only church he visited as a seeker was Willow Creek, and he was a white collar professional from the City, from a boomer generation....these all play a part in a seekers mind...still waiting to see if he talks abou that.... So far though a must read for anyone who wants to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ....also for anyone who read my last Halloween post...

Chooseing To Cheat by Andy Stanley
A preacher hero to me, Andy writes great stuff...but repeats a ton in a lot of his books. I have read many of his books, and I am getting alot out of this one. I read Andy's "Visionariing" book for desert after a long day at the office....that is a great book, and my dad says this one ranks up there with it. We will see...so far...OK....but the middle is always the filler for Andy's books...he does best in the first 4 and last 4 chapters....especially in an 8 chapter book.

Hope I finish these things...I have 61 days as of today...

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