Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well Danielle and I were in Indiana this past Thurs, Fri, and Saturday looking for a new home. After searching and seeing EVERY apartment complex in the area we finally decided on Sand Creek Woods Apartment right off 116th street. We really loved the area and the complex offers a community pool, hot tub, indoor half court basketball/volleyball court, and a work out gym. Also each apartment has a garden tub and wood burning fire place. We are so excited about this new home!

Also, Danielle and I will be able to adopt a new family member. A precious little dog. We have been wanting a dog for years, and with a new apartment comes the ability to adopt. We will be sure to share all the pictures with you!! Keep checking into our blog as we will update you our friends and family with our adventure. Our move in date is set for June 4. Continue to pray for our family here in Wisconsin, as we make this transition.


becca ebenhoch said...

awww ur new house looks beautiful!!!

i can't wait for my first time there! u better have me over! i'll drive up there! i'm def. coming over in the summer..i'll fly if i need 2..haha.

ahh i just love the new house..u should go swimming in that pond..haha..do it j n d.

brookssayer said...

I think that my bro Jason may have lived there about 2 years ago. I don't know if you care, but if it is ever a question on Jeopardy, and you're on Jeopardy, you'll know it.

Joe said...

Hey Bud, I hope you guys are doing well. I drove by a church the other day in Waukesha and I thought of you cause there was this joke on their board
whats missing?

kinda funny huh?! Any who hope things are going well for ya, know I haven't seen or talked to you in forever, but i still hope you guys are doing well. ~Joe Campion

J & D Freed said...

Brooks::: Jason did live there, Andy told me. We are excited to follow in the footsteps of your wonderful brother!! Thanks for dropping me a line!!!

JOE: So good to hear from you!! Hope to see you on Sunday!! Maybe swing by SNL! 6:30PM probably some people you know! Miss you brother!!

BECCA!! Come!!! Come visit as soon as possible!!!

Anonymous said...

Been thinking alot about you 2. Hope your lives there are fulfulling. Miss you guys. God be with you. Miss ya
David Carpenter