Friday, June 23, 2006

quick report before we leave again

we arrived after many hours in traffic jams and constant traveling. We boys slept in the damp hot basement and the girls staid in the hot dusty second floor of the NON-air conditioned Unity Lutheran Church in downtown Milwaukee. We woke each morning at 7:15am and took all of our clothes, toiletries and food for an entire day of serving the Lord. Each site was unique and required a unique perspective:

St Ann Center was an elderly, handicap and children care facility that provided care, compassion and programming each day for it's visitors. To help give care and compassion was a team of students, who played cards with the elderly, played with children on the play ground, help clean up the grounds, and helped facilitate adult care.

TriCorp was a home for emotionally and mentally hurting people. Our young men worked very hard behind the scenes using their strength to serve the Lord. Much sweat and hard work went into helping the facility move a ton of Mattresses and other rooms needing cleaned. Windows were washed with the love of Jesus through these tough young men.

Gingerbread Land was a whole city block managed by Mother Clara who gave care to families who needed home and a hot meal. All the houses are painted in WILD COLOR like hot pink bring green and yellow. The trees all hold signs such as "drive slow" and "Jesus loves you" the side walks are painted in wild colors as well. Our team of students help weed an entire lot for a garden, painted a playground, cleaned an old burned out church, planted a beautiful flower garden, and played with children who hunger for love.

Family House is a home for elderly people who can not afford the nursing home or other services. The team of students sorted clothes, and put on a play for the residence. They clean and organized HUGE piles of clothes, blankets and other items. Helping the home put together their annual clothing distribution to residence. Janet even help feed the patience. Which was an eye opening experience. This team also helped at "the Gathering" a soup kitchen that fed almost 400 homeless with the help of the students.

As the new youth pastor it was an honor to join them this week. Danielle and I were so proud to be counted among the Fall Creek group. We have great kids who are hungry to serve the Lord. We all look forward to next years missions trip and thank the church for providing this opportunity. Many lives were eternally changed in the process of making small changes through missions work. We fed the hungry, clothed the naked, helped the sick and hurting, and planted our sweat in a place that was not our home. We gave, and expected nothing in return. We spent everything we had for the spreading of the Gospel. It was a victorious week!! Praise the Lord!!!

pardon the grammer...i am very sleepy!! We leave for Guatemala in 7 hours.



SuperBecca said...

praying for you guys mucho :)
tonight we had a bible study at my house... we went up to the top of the hill on our ranch and watched the sun set... and enjoyed God's amazing glory. then we sat and talked about Christ's miracles from the book of Mark. It was quite amazing. Autumn, Julianne, Brittany, Katie, Me, Rachel, Kay, Ashley, Amanda, and Rachel's friend Tanya was there. We've been meeting every Monday with whoever can come, and we've been growing deep in Christ as sisters... WOW! Just wanted to share that praise with you guys. Love you mucho. Becca
PS... WE GOT A NEW PUPPY AND HIS NAME IS BOOGER!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!! He's 7 weeks old, and is black and white, and a mix between a rat terrier, and a border collie... SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Tracie said...

I came across your blog hitting the "next blog" button.

It sounds like you did some awesome work for the Lord, and I hope that you stay safe and have great experiences in Guatemala.

God Bless you.

Jodi said...

Hey - I keep checking for a post about your Guatemala trip! :) Thanks for all of the extra stuff you guys left for us - I am LOVING that peach iced tea!!! Hope it was a good trip for y'all!

J & D Freed said...

Thanks all for your prayers!!!