Saturday, October 14, 2006

Look who got an owie:(

Last night was our yearly BARN BASH PARTY you can catch all the great pictures at And of course we took our little lady Zoe with us. Everyone loved her and the White's dog Carlie LOVED HER! They played together ALL NIGHT LONG! I don't think I have ever seen Zoe play so long! We all had an awesome time!

However, when we woke up this morning we found the Zoe didn't sleep very well because she had a sore on her foot. As you can see, we bandaged her up and let her rest by the fire this morning.

By the way, I have to brag about Danielle! Last night she MC'd the Barn Bash and did an awesome job! This was her first Barn Bash here, but her 9th year of Barn Bash Fun!! She did an awesome job, and her costume was inspired by "My Name is Earl"! You will have to see it and laugh! Notice the Spice Girls Shirt!


Anonymous said...

cutest pictures! aww poor zoe. give her a hug from me.
ps. expect a call from me sometime soon. i have muchos to tell you guys!

J & D Freed said...

Thanks for your sympathy Leanne! She seems to be doing a little better, she took it easy today, no playing ball, frisbee or walking. Poor baby!
Call us soon Leanne!!:)
Love ya!

Tony & Renee said...

Hilarious picture! You guys are TOO cute! Tell Zoe we're sorry she's hurt and we promise not to let Nathan near her until she heals!

Anonymous said...

Carley just slept all day! She was exhausted from keeping up with Zoe! Thanks for bringing Zoe, I hope she's OK.

Tamara Rose said...

hey you two,

I'm glad you liked my comment. Thanks right back at 'cha for your comment! :) yeah i'm trying to keep up with the Cole's and all there crazy lives! :)

Hah the costumes were very good! heh thats a funny show! ;) Good job, and hope your adorible dog feels better soon.

have a great "pumkin season" :)

love you guys!
the girl "down under"