Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's A Bird! IT'S A PLANE!!! ...IT'S.....

Well we are getting ready for our Halloween season here in Fishers. This Friday night is our annual BARN BASH 2006! We are excited about the awesome games, prizes [tv], hilarious costumes [hillbilly] and an opportunity to share the gospel with some students.
Tonight, Danielle and I are trying to think of some costumes for halloween. Even though we don't celebrate the scary stuff of halloween, we do celebrate the free candy and funny costumes.
This year we got an awesome little Super Dog and we are HER pet dogs. She is going to walk us door to door for free candy!! We plan on going to all of our student's houses. This should be fun!!

When we put Zoe's costume on, she loved it!! She could tell we were laughing really hard [and you know what that means for Danielle!] and it was at her! But then things changed when we showed her our costumes. She was not laughing, not having fun...she was scared...scared to death! Rather then laughing and being excited she was barking, and all the hair on her back stood straight up! She did not like our costumes!

Well this is our first halloween with Zoe, so we hope she has fun!! We also hopes she learns that Christian dogs don't celebrate halloween, we just celebrate the fact that everyone is handing out free candy!!!


Anonymous said...

well if i was a dog and someone looked at me with those sort of faces, i might get a little freaked out too...just kidding! love you guys. you are too funny

Anonymous said...

That is way too funny! Zoe looks hilarious! You guys kind of look like her. :-)


Anonymous said...

poor zoe. What did she ever do to u to maker go through that humiliation. haha i am only kidding.


Anonymous said...

wow zoe is super for the guys are hilarious!!! i seriously laughed looking at those pictures!! i hope everything is going well.

Anonymous said...

awwww you guys look so cute!!!! hahha
i love it
and so does zoe.
can't wait 2 visit you guys!!
i love you 2 death and more!!

Anonymous said...

uhh yeah that last one was from me. becca ebenhoch
haha. its weird writing my last name. but yeah..cya

J & D Freed said...

Thanks for the comments! I was determined that if these pics didn'y warrent any comments, I was gonna give up. I so glad you guys laughed at them! We really laughed alot, and they still make me laugh! We're gonna have FUN!!! Leanne, Janet, Rudy, Erica and Becca, SO SO SO glad to hear from you guys!
Love you all LOTS!!:)

Allison said...


We miss you up here in good ol' Wisconsin. Glad you're having a blast down there ^_^!!

Love ya

Tamara Rose said...

hey you two!

Long time no talk.

hmm.... cute...?? :) Not sure if thats the word i would have used. LOL! :)but ya know.... ;) well Zoe is cute but i must agree with the dog on this one.... yeah definently! :) lol Nah... you both look lovely/hansome as usual. ;) *wink wink*

Yeah they like don't have halloween here. I mean they said you MIGHT maybe, get one person but thats it! and most people wouldn't even get that! And unlike America they don't stalk the stores with candy and scary feeky looking things (well it least not very much) all this month. But i said us blackwoods (kids) should dress up really good and go to some of the Church people's houese and try and get some candy w/o reveling our identity :) lol maybe. we'll see

So what up with you guys? Its been a while. You should look at Zachary's pic ( he has some great ones, and is planing on putting more up soon i think/hope. :-) There are some good/funny ones up though.

Well just wanted to see what was going on in the Freed life. hope every thing is just going just dandy for ya both (all three now ;). Have fun with your candy hunting thinkie (or whatever your doing ;)). Your guys are very talented with that sort of thing so i'm sure it will be fun! haha

love ya guys,

your favorite cuz from Oz (well one of the 8 ;)

P.S. Dang daniel your hair is getting long... ger :) and John your ears are so... big :) ttyl

Tony & Renee said...

It's okay Zoe! I'm scared too!

SuperBecca said...