Monday, October 02, 2006

FINALLY....An update on the Freed's crazyness!!

WOW, what a past few weeks!
I started a few weeks ago with a week of training about an hour away from here, 8 hours a day...and the monday morning that it all started, I rear-ended a ford F150 with the Sable....hurt the sable, but not me, the other driver or the truck! That's the good side of it, however, we are still driving a rental car, so that kinda stinks.
Then several days later, a HUGE tree hit our apartment building, and the coolest part is that I saw it happen. No one was hurt, but it messed up the roof and gutters, and punctured the side of the building way down at the bottom, which was weird.
Here is the wreckage, this is after they began chopping it all up, only 1/3 of it actually fell, they cut the rest down!

So, it's been crazy around here, we also started our afterschool program, "The Rock" and that is going well! we have about 40 5th and 6th graders!! Talk about a room full!!:) It's a good program and good kids and a fantastic staff of 6 adults and 7 or 8 highschoolers. Check out the website

Here is our cute pup amongst the rubble! Tell me she isn't adorable!!

Do you think this log was rotten?!? HA! They said it was lightning, and I saw it fall, but didn't see lightening, either way, it really fell. I thought it was just rotten and the thunder shook it...but the more I think about that, the more it doesn't make sense?!?

I'm sure this is what I looked like after the log fell! However, this pic is from a nature walk we took with friends...and we saw a REALLY FREAKY spider!!:)

If you regularly check our blog, leave us some love in the comment area!! That'll make us smile. We love to update this, but we love it even more when we get comments and know that we aren't throwing our time away posting!! Also look at our new youth ministry website that John created on his fancy Mac



SuperBecca said...

yay danielle for updating!!! i love you mucho!!! keep checking out my BLOG! :)

Anonymous said...

wow crazy stuff with that tree. one story about a spider, okay so me and dani were in walmart and we were looking at hair stuff for spirit week, and all of a sudden i see this albino looking spider about the size of a penny, just dangling/floating in the middle of the aisle. needless to say...we cruised. so that is my funny story of the day for you.
zoe is getting big!!! wowsers!
talk to you soon. im so glad that things are going well for you guys!

Anonymous said...

ummmm...where's the wild posse update???? it'd be my one moment of fame with the girls...

love & miss you much,

jennie o

Charity said...

What a cute doggy you have. :-) And a nice apartment. And a rotten tree. And a look that makes you look like Aunt Rosie!!! hehe. You're adorable. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy when you surprised me last Friday night, Danielle! I really needed a familiar family face, and didn't even know it! You're amazing, funny, easy to talk with--just all around a blessing as a cousin. Thanks for being you. Love, Sara Lynn

J & D Freed said...

Hello friend and family! I am glad we have at least a few faithful followers who aren't ashamed to post comments!
Becca-You're in our prayers for your NYC trip, I got the OSWC prayer request email about everything you are doing! Looks BUSY and Fun~~:)
Leanne-Girl, I'm diggin you on the spider thing!! EEKS! Flip me out!!
Jennie-We need to talk to Ali girl about getting the photos! I'm a photo blogger, when I get them you will be gracing our blog!
Charity-thanks for the comments cuz! You're a sweetie, I'm happy we have technology!!:) Blogs are fun!
SaraLynn---Another Cuz--Thanks for the comment, I had alot of fun catching up with you friday nite. PLEASE COME SEE ME SOON!:)
Love you all....even the ones too scared to post comments!! :) hehe

Anonymous said...

hey guys!!!
wow do i miss you guys..after i looked on the website or ur youth group. it looks like a tun of fun. we're not doing 2 much right now. and i'm gunna find a date so i can come over for awhile and come 2 ur new youth group n church. so i'll call you guys about that. well i gotta go 2 bed. school tomorrow.
i love you guys so much and miss you like crazy!!
and ur kids are SO lucky 2 have you guys!!!
becca ebenhoch