Monday, October 23, 2006

FUEL CONFRENCE and Scary Raccoon!!!

Hey Everyone!! This past weekend was a fun filled event. I got to lead my first seminar...and it was good to do it with friends! We explored a lot of different ideas for small groups and sunday school. I shared Danielle and I's experience with Breakfast club and Life Groups, and how much they were an impact on us, our ministry, and our philosophy of ministry. To all of you who have joined in the adventure of LIfe Groups, thanks for teaching us so so much!! Here are a couple pics from the FUEL Conf. and bowling at PinHeads on friday night with new and old friends from Wisconsin Dist.

Thanks Stevan for the pictures! Check out more from FUEL Conf. @ one of our favorite sites...we go there almost daily!!

Also, we had a little adventure on Friday night, we were rushing back to see Bo Boshers talk, and as Andy, Danielle and I were leaving the apartment a wild ferocious raccoon was on our front porch, and another crazy killer raccoon on our back porch! We were trapped!! So i did the only natural thing a true trained hunter would do...I grabbed a broom, cocked the collar and was ready to fight. As you can see from the pictures, it was me against death! Luckily, the raccoon was sick, very sick and did not put up a fight. However it didn't run away either, so we scared the killer raccoon from the back porch and ran around back. It was a great adventure and gave us a great laugh!

Finally, more pictures of the Zoe. Ok, i know you are all probably sick of pictures of this dog, but we love bare through it with us! We think she is so cool. But this past Saturday, we took Zoe for a long walk in the woods. It was crazy, as soon as we got into the woods she changed into a totally different dog. She was jumping around, sniffing everything and having the time of her life. We were barley able to capture these pictures. She loves the woods and I can't wait to take her back!

Well, just a little update, we will be in Chicago at the end of the week. We are looking for some good time away! We really need a good rest and time to relax, and what better place the Chicago Land and my favorite restaurant.

Well we love you all, and look forward to the month of November. Plus you know what November is in the Freed family? It is the time where Jane and Bud celebrate the birth of their favorite child...their first born!


Autumn Christyne said...
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Autumn Christyne said...

Wow...that raccoon does look evil! Good thing it didn't bite you and give you rabbies!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow. freaky racoon. sounds like quite the adventure. congratulations on your first conference seminar. im glad it went well. and you guys got to hang out with Lisa! lucky. me and dana hung out w/ her a lot when we were in hayward. have fun in chicago kids!

Pastor Eric Hambrock said...

Wow! Nice site. alot of fun to visit. Check out "My Front Porch" when you can. Sorry I didn't make it to FUEL to see you. I hope your seminar went well. Do you feel all intellectual? (Did I spell that right?) Anyway, Check out The kids here are doing this website stay in touch

Tamara Rose said...

lovely pix! the racoon does look scary! :) Thats very cool about your seminar John. I'm sure you did a great job!

I love looking at your pictures guys! they are so great. Keep up comming. Hope your having a good hollowine :) It really doesn't seem like hollowine here. Its so odd. well hope you had fun in your funky constume's. :) you guys greatl

love ya both
~ me :)

Charity said...

SCARY last picture! But I loved the rest. Danielle, you are so pretty! :o) And John, well.. you are.. just John? hehe. I so wish me and mom could go shopping with you and g'ma and Aunt Rosie this year! It is soo not going to be Christmas without... THE COLES! And, Danielle, I SO need my hair highlighted. I'm not sure I should trust my sisters..ha.

and your dog is still gorgeous!

Andy Sayer said...

what ended up to the raccoon. i'm glad i haven't had dreams about killer raccoons yet, but maybe one of these nights i might. (it was cool seeing you guys again.)

Anonymous said...

Hi--it's Steph immordino. I came across your blog in my quest for leah sayer. Any chance you could pass on my e-mail to her? It's my first name dot my last name at gmail. It would be most appreciated!