Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beautiful? Yes you are! Just the way you are!

Our friends Jay and Ann sent us to this link, you have to see this video! This gives Danielle and I encouragement in what we do. We show girls they are beautiful, not just on the outside, but in the soul, where it counts!

True beauty!! Found only in a relationship with the creator of beauty!

To all the ladies and young ladies in our ministries, we love you, and think you all are beautiful!!!

and to everyone on the face of the planet. I have the prettiest wife in the whole world! I am so lucky!!!

Also, we have attached some great pictures of an awesome family! Dan, Marsha, Adam, and Amanda were here last night and today! We love them, and praise the Lord for their friendship and encouragement. They always know how to make you smiel! From looking at rich people's houses, watching "Click" after a long day, pillow fight at 1am, breakfast at Bob Evans or just a big hug saying goodbye! We love ya!

Thank you for stopping by on the way home!
and oh yeah...
You're welcome=) hahaha I crack myself up!!!


Anonymous said...

Where is adam i dont see adam anywhere. LOL


SuperBecca said...

funniest picture ever of dan welcome. hahahaha the first one i mean :) i didn't even recognize him at first.

Tamara Rose said...

hah those are frightening! :) lol They are very... funny! :)

Hey we have frinds that have a Compie with a web cam in it, and you can do all sorts of things to the pic you take! They are so funny! We took some with the lil kids here, they are so great we should send you guys some. Well i finally updated. :) You can see some pic from this post and the last one has a couple. Pluse Z updated his Pic websigh and there are some great new ones on there. :)

love ya both (even if you do have crazy pic! :)
Tamara Rose
the one down under, remember me? ;)

Anonymous said...

oh wow. i definatly chuckled. it looks like john is about to take a big bite out of Mr.Welcome's head.

J & D Freed said...

Leanne, I actually did take a chunk out of Mr. Welcomes head. Guess what it tasted like.....

thanks for checking in on us!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Mrs. Welcome has an afro! Haha