Thursday, June 15, 2006

Couple Pictures of friends...and grill

Pretty Lily
Here is a picture of our friend Shanna's beautiful little girl Lily. As most of you know, most little kids are scared of me, and I don't know why, but I snaped this picture of her being mean to me=)

JT and Kelli
These are two great friends! They have been married now for a whole year, and are so cute together! It was great having dinner with them last week [pre Freed Foto Booth]. Thanks guys for coming over!!!

Danielle and Benjamin
This is not ours!!! I know how the rumor mills can start. but this is little beautiful bundle belongs to Shanna. She has so beautiful children! Thanks Shanna for letting us hold and love your kids. They are beautiful!

Our Duck Friends
Ok, these are some new friends we made. We even bought them some bird seed. And last night we grilled some hotdogs and Danielle gave them her bun. They are really cute and we hope they bring all their friends to our house. But they may not come back after we get our dog.

The Beautiful Grill
Oh yeah!! This is our prize grill. So far since we have put it together, we have grilled out almost EVERY DAY! I even grilled in the rain. And tomorrow night we are having Ann and Jay over for a cookout. We love this awesome gift, and use it to serve the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle~
Now you can have a party on the porch every day!!! Hey - just like your wrist!!! ha ha...

J & D Freed said...

TINA! NO DIGGITY!:) For sure party on my porch JUST LIKE MY WRIST....and for your info, it is still working!:)
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

aww cutest kids! i like the ducks. but be careful, ducks attacked me once because i gave them some of my tuna sandwhich and then they freaked out and... it was bad. but anyways, the grill sounds fun! i'll talk to you guys later