Monday, June 12, 2006

Mac Book Pro::::Back and Ready for Action!

Hello Friends, as Danielle told you a couple days ago, my MAC BOOK PRO had to be taken back for repairs...and today, a delivery man showed up with's back and working great. In fact, I am posting to you now from it. This is an awesome machine, and it will be a huge tool for ministry.

Couple of things I learned through my sabbatical from computers:

1. Computers take up a lot of time in my day. I would say that most of my communication and preparation for life is taken up on the computer. Through email, AIM, and blogging I give a lot of time communicating to people, the world is a smaller place, and I have access to more people now than I would have had 10 years ago, which makes preparation much different than in the past. I gather information from all over the globe, from the comfort of my office.

2. Computers give less than they receive. After losing the computer about 3 weeks ago, I realized everything I had given the machine, and how little it had given back. When it fried, I had nothing to show for my loss...but if I fried it would be just fine! ?Does that make sense?

Anyway, Danielle and I are starting our second week at Fall Creek. Sunday was great, and the congregation opened their hearts to us. After church we had lunch with Todd, Becky, Alisa, Jake, Brian, Jolie and all their cute kids. We went to the Chinese buffet, which must be a universal Wesleyan tradition for new people, because that is exactly what we did in Mukwonago {we miss Chen's Kitchen} Our time with these folks on Sunday meant alot to Danielle and I. Fishers, though 20 minutes from where Danielle grew up, is still very new to us. We miss Mukwonago often and keep looking forward to the future when we can love Fishers the same way, so this lunch was a big thing for us, and made us feel more at home here. Thanks everyone!!!!

Finally, before I push publish and crawl into bed, I want to tell you all, THANK YOU!! Your constant prayers, emails, phone calls and love have meant the world to us. In this time Danielle and I have grown closer and have recognized our deep need to depend on the Lord. We know this is all in the foot steps of the Master, and can feel His presence, so join with us in praise, in rejoicing that GOD IS ON THE MOVE!!!!

Good night!! And thanks for the comments!!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, John, you just let out the secret Wesleyan tradition! we will have to have a nationwide committee meeting and come up with a whole new restaurant standard. JK!!!!! :) Actually, that was REALLY funny! You had us both laughing pretty darn hard here -- almost woke the kids! Luv ya guys and miss ya LOTS. Went to Wal-mart twice today and had lunch with Beth. Every time I thought of you guys -- driving past your old place and then thinking maybe we should go to Expresso Love and bug Danielle for lunch - BUT obviously she wouldn't be there. Glad to hear all is well. Great to hear you guys FINALLY got a grill. We miss you guys - Kayla wanted to know where you were on Sunday. Just doesn't quite grasp the concept of "moving" yet, I guess. Love, The Clan

J & D Freed said...

Hey, have fun at Walmart for us..we miss the old vacation site. Also, let kayla know, i was looking for her on Sunday too...the concept of moving is just sinking in for me. Miss you all too!!!