Saturday, June 17, 2006

God's On the Move...and we are along for the Ride!

Where Beer is Born and Brats are Devoured

Hey Friends, Danielle and I stopped for a quick minute to ask for your prayers. As many of you already know, we are leaving for a couple missions trips tomorrow following Church. We are spending a week in Milwaukee [YES! This is very weird for us!] doing missions with "YouthWork". We hope to be working with the Milwaukee Rescue mission where we will be able to see some old friends. We will be staying on the far North side of Milwaukee and bussing in everyday to the project sites. We have never done a trip with YouthWorks but hope it is the begining of a long beautiful relationship. Many of you remember our trip to South Chicago last fall, and we are praying for the same outcome: Deep dependence on God; Stretching of Our Character and Faith; Moving past being "nice" and into the deep realm of Kindness; and finally falling into the deep moving work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of everday people. We are praying for power, and open eyes on this trip. I am expecting it to be difficult for me to see God in a familiar setting like Milwaukee.

We leave Milwaukee on the 23rd at Noon, and Return to Fishers at around 6pm...then do a quick wash of our clothes and leave for Guatemala at 4:30AM on Saturday. We will fly to Guatemala and do missions work with YES! Ministries. We are pumped about this trip because it will be our first spanish speaking missions expereince. We were in Cancun for our honeymoon 3 years ago...but we suspect this trip to South America will be MUCH diffrent. We are praying that we stay dry. We have done our research and read that it was the rainy season. So we are expecting damp clothes and short nights of sleep. We are not real sure exactly what we are doing, but we do know we will be building a wall for a church, passing out shoes to children while at the same time washing their feet with baby wipes, and finally doing a small children's bible school [which Danielle will be good at]. We wish we had our friend Brittney V. with us because of her vast Spanish skills, but we are praying the Holy Spirit gives us wise tongues.

Much of the next two weeks will depend on the Holy Spirits work in our lives. While we are excited about this, it means one very crucial thing....we must become less so that HE becomes MORE! So we are praying that our desires, plans, comfort level, and strength takes a back seat to the POWER and PURIFYING work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We hope these next two weeks will draw us closer to our new students. Taking us past the student to Pastor relationship into a deep community of brothers and sisters in Christ.

Finally, thank YOU for your prayers. And thanks FALL CREEK for providing the funds for Danielle and I to take this trip. We know before you even met us, you made the committment to provide the funds. We appreciate it, and hope to make you proud.

Love you all. Pray for us! and remember: God is on the Move!!!

Beautiful Guatemala!


becca ebenhoch said...

well i'm praying for you guys!!!! i always do..n maybe if u get time stop in n say hi. that would b awesome!! but if not i understand..but i hope you have an AMAZING time at both places..milwaukee and gautamala!! sounds like a blast!! love you guys soo much!! n miss you like crazy everyday..

cya later
call me soon

Anonymous said...

I will keep you guys in my prayer and I hope the Holy Spirt works through you guys.

Love you guys,


mark o wilson said...

Let me know how things go in Guatemala. Let's keep in touch. We have a team going this fall.

Anonymous said...

have fun in Milwaukee and Guatamala. we're praying for you. call brittany if you need any spanish help. she is a pro!

Brittany Vos said...

hi darlings!!
i love and miss you.
and now im crying because you are going to Guatemala without actually because you thought of me. whoa. thanks. that seriously meant a lot.

see you soon. well not really but yeah.


J & D Freed said...

hey everyone from Guatemala!!! can´t type long! thanks for the prayers

Jodi said...

Just found this one today... Your COUSIN Paul's heart was warmed to read that you you were ALSO excited to visit him as part of your exciting trip to beautiful Guatemala.... Ha.