Saturday, June 03, 2006

Moved out: but not homeless

Well we are all moved out. We are posting to you via Mike and Tina's home in the hills. The view for tomorrow is good. We will pull out just after second service and then try to get to Indy before 8pm. Danielle and I think we can make it, and will probably take 294 around Chicago, rather then the normal 94 straight through. We look forward to seeing everyone and getting moved in to our new home.

If you are in the area...come help us move in!! And pray for us, I am driving the 24 foot truck and pulling a car trailor pulling our Party wagon[mitz expo].

Huge thank you, and hugs [not nugs] to CrossRoad Ministries for movig our whole lives to the parking lot in 60 minutes. That was amazing!! and Steve WOW!! Packed the whole truck for us!! But my most humbling experience was when Dani, Meleissa, and Kara, washed our shower...that was so humbling...I felt like I was living out John 13. Thank you girls, and thank you everyone for all the love you gave us today!!

Pray for us, thank you, and see you later!


Anonymous said...

i hope you made it safely

Anonymous said...

Hey "kids"! How is life in the land of Hoosiers? (What does that mean, by the way???)
I'm glad that you made it to Fishers safe and sound!
We love you and miss you already, but know that you are where the Lord has lead you.

In Him,

Cindy :)

Anonymous said...

hey you two..
i'm studying for my math exam tomorrow but i thought of you and decided to come say hi.

i hope everything is going well for you down in indiana!!


Anonymous said...

hey you two.
i'm studying for my math exam and tomorrow and you two came across my mind so i decided to stop by and say hi.

i hope you guys are doing well in indiana!!
i miss you already.

much love,