Monday, June 12, 2006

OH YEAH!!! I Almost Forgot! PHOTO BOOTH

This new MAC BOOK PRO has a camera built into the screen, and also comes with a program called ,,PHOTO BOOTH,, With Photo booth you can do all kinds of silly things with the camera. Here are a couple of the many many pictures we have taken today. And from now a little Freed House Tradition we are going to make everyone take a picture with us in the Photo Booth when they visit our real Freed House so we can add them to our internet Freed House. Anyway, here are a couple pictures of Danielle and I, and KELLY our new friend here. She is going to IWU this fall and came over today for Hamburgers off our new grill. Which I am going to take a picture of and share with you some time soon. The grill is awesome and LOVE IT!!!!! we grill everyday!!!!

Enjoy and come over so we can get a picture of YOU in the Freed Foto Booth


Anonymous said...

wow. those pictures are truly amazing. they definatly made me laugh a bit. haha

Tina said...

You are the superheros of today!!! You're hilarious! Happy to hear about the computer making it back so quick!

J & D Freed said...

you both have to come over so we can take your picture with the FREED FOTO BOOF...

SuperBecca said...

you two are freaks!!! haha, definately will try to roadtrip it down there sometime this summer... its JUNE 14th ALREADY! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! WOW! 2.5 months and I'll be in el canadia! Love you mucho! Miss Becca

Anonymous said...

Hey John

I gotta show you our PhotoBooth Pictures, they are HILARIOUS!

Love ya lots!
miss you both!

J & D Freed said...

Becca and Allison
Thanks for the shout outs, tims is flying!! Miss u guya alot, and can't wait for both of u to come visit sometime this summer!
Love you

Lynette said...

so here we are...neighbors again! we should hang out again. i'm thinking about coming down to Indy this weekend..i'll call you.

Lynette said...

hey! we are practically neighbors again! i'll call you sometime...i would love to hang out!