Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the Classic, Always good for a Laugh...LEMON TEETH

Saturday Night, our good friends, Steve, Cindy, Matt, Mike, Tina, and Jake took Danielle and I out to my favorite place. TEXAS ROAD HOUSE!!!! Man I love that place, and they treated us to a really fun night. Of course we were too loud, and laughing about everything...even Danielle's famous laugh came out. But as the night wore down, we broke out the lemon teeth. Who doesn't love the lemon teeth? Here are some pictures!!


nate richardson said...

lemon teeth, what a great laugh. i have used that so much.

SuperBecca said...

that is so freaky!!!! wow! never thought i could see a more disturbing thing! ahh, good times :)

Anonymous said...

i miss the lemon teeth!

Love you guys,

Jennie O