Tuesday, May 30, 2006

BRB: Be Right Back!!

Hey Friends, we are on the move! This whole week we are packing up our home to move to Indiana on Sunday. Right now as I write this I am surrounded by boxes, packing tape, and things just waiting to be placed in a box. It is really overwhelming! But we are working hard. This Saturday we are having a huge pack party and everyone is invited!! 10-2pm we will provide lunch.

Also, keep us in your prayers. We are feeling the pressure of upcoming missions trips, moving, new ministry, new environment, and finishing up and starting another grad class, all in one month. We need HIS strength, and patience.

Love you all!! We will post as soon as the internet is up and running on MONDAY in our new Apartment in Fishers. Keep an eye out, and as always, drop us a comment or a phone call.

OH YEAH!! I almost forgot...My iBook died...May it rest in peace, however I harvested it's brain, and will be uploading it's life back into my new MAC in less than a week. So tonight's post is brought to you by Danielle's Dell.


Anonymous said...

I am sad you have to leave! But since GOD is the one calling you I am happy, excited and behind you guys all the way!!! I can't wait to get updates about your journey:) Ilove you guys ~ Tina

J & D Freed said...

hey Tina, we love you all too, and thanks for Din din last night. Chen's was awesome!! See you all later;)

Anonymous said...

so i heard your new computer is pretty much awesome. and once it is up and going, you had better put up a zillion pictures of your new apartment. yeah thats right... a zillion.

Deven said...

Hey kids! Welcome back to Hoosierland! I know it's hard to move, though. May God bless you with a smooth transition as you seek to serve Him. :) (Wow. That sounds like an old lady wrote that... Hmm. Anyway -- screaming baby. G2G.)

SuperBecca said...

aw... thats so cute. everyone loves everyone ;) well, you better stop by my grad party on saturday, 11-4 or 5... :-P can't wait to see you guys. oh yea, you're in for a treat on sunday. zach and me all the way! love you mucho!
-the becster!-

Anonymous said...

Danielle!!! AAHAHAH!!! you haven't seen me in forever! i stumbled across your blogg and i'm excited you're moving back home to indiana! i'm still here south of indy, close, look me up! we need to laugh like we used to!!! --Darci