Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Hey Friends, I know millions of you have...ok thousands....ok hundreds...all right....a couple of you have been trying to email Danielle and I, the last couple of days and our email has been down. Our Church is changing servers and our email is down. We will be back up online very soon...we hope!!! No email is a crazy way to live!! I seriously don't know how we all did it before the internet. Of course feel free to drop us a comment!!


Michael Ray said...

yea...It is no way to live...I felt the way about my cell phone when I lost it in a snow drift in Utah. Wich was weird, cause i really don't like to talk on the phone all that much. ya'll have a great, nay, a quacktastick day!

J & D Freed said...

Dude, thanks for the comment!! You got my new email right? pastorfreed@gmail.com

quack at you later!