Saturday, May 20, 2006


We recently participated in our small town,s PARKWALK a fundraising event to raise awareness and funds for cancer research in the local hospital. Danielle and I were just feels like a ton of people get cancer. I remember when I was a kid it felt like elderly or much older people were effected with cancer. but now a days, it feels like anyone can become entrenched in this battle. This PARKWALK meant a lot to Danielle and I, and we are so glad Cindy W. allowed us to come in Steve's and Matt's place. When we arrived and saw all the people walking, the sight made us very emotional. We both felt like crying...which is strange. But as the walk went on, and as we talked with the survivors, family members and friends it was encouraging to hear their stories.

God moves in such dark places. Where hope is hard to find...hard to see...that is where God shows up...and that is what we all need to cling to in this broken world.

Above is a picture of our friend Kelly and her Family. Kelly is a survivor...and a great friend. Her family is very close to us, and we have loved laughing with them!!!

Kelly is not only a survivor...she surrendered her life to Christ, and leaned on Him in her dark time. Her faith challenges mine! Thanks Kelly!!

Also, we praise the Lord for taking Sue home this year. While it was hard for us to say goodbye. We know this battle was long and hard, and going home was such a relief. We love you Lord!! Thanks for the time you gave us with Sue, her faith, love, and passion for you, is still alive.

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SuperBecca said...

i don't ever remember meeting sue, but through talking with mike and their daughters, its been really powerful to see the amazing strength God has even our whole church family to overcome the grief.
it was an honor to hear you preach this morning John- you have an awesome talent which God has given you and I have thouroughly enjoyed learning to know Christ this past year.