Saturday, May 06, 2006


Recently I was thinking of getting a subscription to another magazine called HOMILETICS, when I realized, Danielle and I get a ton of magazines. Currently we are getting, GROUP, RELEVANT, RADIANT, CHRISTIANITY TODAY, READERS DIGEST, O [buy it off the shelf], Mental Floss[subscription just ended], OUTREACH, BOOKS AND CULTURE, WESLEYAN LIFE, AND OF COURSE the TRIANGLE. But I have pictured my favorites for you to see. Here is why we get so many magazines...

TOP 10 REASONS TO Subscribe to Magazines!!
1. Easy read: Most articles are quickly written to be quickly read. They quickly get to the point, share the information and leave with a little smarter, in about five minutes.
2. Most Magazine articles are the gold minded from larger books. For example, most of CHRISTIANITY TODAY articles are excerpts from much lager books, that go on and on. but an article is quick and to the point.
3. A Magazine is fun, great pictures, interesting places, and quick humor.
4. Magazines capture current cultural trends faster then a book. A book takes months if not years to be polished and published. A magazine has only one to two months to reprint itself.
5. You can share an article with a friend much easier. For me to photocopy pages in a book would be time consuming, but with a magazine I can copy an article and pass it around to my friends.
6. Magazines are specific and purposeful. When I open OUTREACH magazine, I know what I am going to be reading about.
7. Cheaper then a volume of books. I recently got RELEVANT for my friend Pat for 6 bucks!! you can't beat that!!
8. Who does not love to get cool mail!!!
9. They make great gifts!! and cheap!!
10. They go great in a bathroom.

Bonus Reason: Stay Relevant with the times with current culture magazines

Well just a thought..enjoy your magazine subscriptions!!


Anonymous said...

I read the one with Derek Webb on the front (Relevant) I love that magazine now...haha

alex & krista said...

You should look at RISEN magazine-- I think if you call their office they'll send you a free sample. It's a unique way of asking deep and soulful questions to people who wouldn't be seen dead in a "Christian" magazine.

btw--it was ssoo good to hear from you! Alex has 2 weeks until the semester is done. Then I'll really be on his case to email you...


J & D Freed said...

So good to hear from you! yeah, I have seen RISEN and really like the content. I will have to pick that up. thanks for pointing it out!!! I like the article about fall out boy!

Tell Alex to let me know how he is doing!